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    i was just reading some reviews on the han solo in EP3,I think that if George puts him in then EP3 would have to be about 20 years later making Anikan 40 years old,and in the plot summary form Movie database,it says that Anikan was the former pupil of Obi-Wan making the movie to take place any years after EP2,but Anikan has children that are about 3 years old,how long in their marriage were they childless?but if Luke and leia are about 3 Han would hafta be about 10-15,it would make no sense,but we dont know much about Hans child hood,or how long he new Chewie,so I think George wont care about the han solo book series and put him in.Ive spotted many many mistakes in the old trilogy,because of EP1,but I havent seen the oringinal trilogy in months,so I could be wrong about the mistakes I have found,but anyway George should have no complaints or arguements about having Han in EP3,they may even show Solos Corellia in EP3.
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    i'll have to see it several more times to deside if i like it or not(hint,hint)

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    Enjoyed every moment, lightsaber fights were awesome.
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    AOTC is great!!! A huge improvement over TPM.
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