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    Paul Verhoven?
    I could have gone for the Amidala family too. Instead we are lead to believe in Anakin's charisma.
    Kouhouns were awesome! Well, not really in the sense that they are pretty pokey in doing their work.

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    It's great to see the saga back on track with an excellent film again. I loved every minute of it. It was good to see some interesting camerawork during the final battle, zooming in to the occupants of the gunships. Good acting all round, just a shame about the dialogue in places but that has never been a stong point in any of the films. I'm off to see it again tonight to see what I missed first time round!
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like waiting in line for like four hours to see an awesome Star Wars movie! I was kinda bummed though cuz only one guy showed up dressed like anakin skywalker. BUT before hte movie started he fought with his lightsaber against a kid with a sith lightsaber

    Anyway once the movie started, I was rivited, it was really really really good but I was ticked off it took padme so long to say "I love you anakin" yeah two hours into the movie and she finally gets that newsflash...but hey at least we got to see Yoda and his lightsabor fight, VERY Sweet

    How did everybody else's midnight premire go? Mine was a total blast...........even if I did have to open the computer lab at six thirty the next morning
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    Just woke up. Midnite show and all...

    Anyway, I need some more time to let it all sink in plus another viewing or so, but my initial impressions are...

    On the whole, it was pretty awesome. Ironically, some of it's greatest strengths also turned out to bite it in the behind.

    The visuals were stunning. Fantastic new production design at every turn. My favorite new element was the Kamino aliens. Very very cool. But the flip side to all of this was that there was almost too much going on. I left the theater feeling assaulted. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, and AOTC went over the line just a hair. Don't get me wrong, seeing the intricate details of Coruscant and being overwhelmed by the final battle images are entirely necessary for the film, but two hours of that kind of detail is exhausting...

    Which leads to the second, very related point concerning the plot. Scattered is the first word that pops into mind. This film took us everywhere! This wasn't a nice neat package as we've come to expect from George. This is good and bad. We needed to go to all of these places I suppose, but the structure of the plot darted here and there, back and forth at an almost dizzying pace...bad word choice. There was no true pacing. Very disjointed, sometimes abrupt transitions...

    Which leads to the Anakin-story. The first 2/3 of the film are essentially Anakin whining about life not being fair or something. In one of the many whining scenes he has with Padme, he just blurts out "It's not fair, Obi Wan's holding me back." Not a bad line, but it had absolutely nothing to do with whatever they had just been talking about. It's like George had to get that line in there somewhere and had to drop it in before the "real story" caught up with Anakin...

    Which is what happened. Over here, in this corner, we see Anakin whining incessently, then we jump over here to see the actual plot unfold. Back and forth like that over and over for, what, an hour or so? Til finally, Padme and Anakin decide (to use Padme's words) to join the real world and join the plot.

    In the end the Anakin-whining-scenes weren't so bad on their own (pacing was lagging, slow at times, redundant eventually), and the actual plot of the story was interesting enough to keep you guessing, but the two combined was a little disjointed. There was no true flow created.

    However, Great Taste, less Filling!

    No mention of Midichlorians. whew.

    I never minded Jar Jar that much, but his character was
    noticably dialed down and diminished.

    The assasination attempt off the top was cool.

    I loved the chase through Coruscant. Blade Runner meets The
    Fifth Element.

    As I mentioned, the Kamino world and aliens were very cool.

    The Fett thing? I still think it's lame to "connect" the OT with the
    Prequels using the previously mysterious bounty hunter to do
    it, but once you get past that, it was handled fairly well. That
    element of the story didn't have to be with a guy in a Fett
    costume, plus it doesn't jive with what we were previously
    told about the armor itself (being from a Mandalorian army),
    but EP III is still on it's way. The only reason they used
    the "Fett thing" is to try to please some non-existent fan
    desire to see more of Fett in the movies. Whatever.

    The final battle was awesome. Go Yoda! It looked a little silly
    for a couple moments, but it worked somehow.

    Obi Wan: This is the guy that Ep I didn't properly develop
    or exploit. Ewan seemed to be acting with his hands tied
    around his back through TPM, but in AOTC, he was much
    looser, more casual. His character really set a nice relaxed
    tone. I was very pleased with that character this time. If only
    Qui Gon wouldn't have been invented and Obi Wan would
    have done his own history in the first place, TPM might've
    been a very very different and likable film.

    C-3PO: One too many "ha ha" jokes from him. As a whole,
    there were just too many "nudge nudge wink wink" jokes
    throughout. A couple of them is fine, but just like TPM, the
    obvious foreshadowing went overboard by a bit. Humor is
    one thing, obviously trying to go for the easy laugh is another.

    Those are the main things that stick in my head from last night. I didn't understand the opening scrawl, though. There's nothing anywhere that explains why there is a separatist movement. Anyone? The entire plot is based on this notion that the Federation is splitting apart yet no mention whatsoever about why.

    Again, very enjoyable, but with some problems here and there, but not enough to make it a bad movie by any means. Hope you enjoy it! Can't wait for Episode III!

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    Just seen the midnight show last night.
    It was AWWWSOME, now eveyone is going to be a critic on the film like myself.
    What i liked and disliked: Story was great but the lines in some scenes were a little cheesey. Jango good character short lived, by
    Mace's excellent Jedi skills, did you see him just stand there waiting for Jango to make his move and then take him out with
    two swift moves (excellent smithers). Anakin agreed he was a little whiny,but what do we expect from a short fused apprentice.
    I thought Dooku was pretty cool and I expected him to take out
    Anakin and Obi real swift like because he was far more advanced
    in the force (Dark side) than they were. Also Anakin is supposed to be the one who brings balance to the force, but he is clearly not the chosen one, I believe that to be Luke.
    Now on to Yoda, only one thing to say he kicked some serious ****** ***. Truly a master of the force.
    I really did enjoy all the scenes but one, and it is at the end when
    the clones (thousands of them) and the earlier models of Star Destoyers were leaving. Only one word Way to CGI. I cannot pick apart any other parts in the film because I am a true fan and I enjoy Sci-Fi (Star Wars) way too much to say I wish it was this I wish it was that, but it is not our vision it is George's. It will never be another Star Wars , Empire, Rotj it's the story of Vader the rise of the Empire and the fall of the Jedi Order. Anyone expecting this to be like the old trilogy is gravely mistaken (line from ROTJ).
    Out of ten (9) 2nd favorite movie in series Empire is first.
    Going to see it again tonight with the wife instead of the fella's.
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    HOLY CRAP!!!!! AOTC beat all expectations I had. Hayden Christensen was so awesome as Ani. I had doubts about his whining in the trailers, but when you see it in the context of the whole movie, it's actually powerful. Natalie Portman was just as good. Did anyone else see the three YT-1300 freighters on Naboo?! As much as I didn't want too, I read some pretty major spoilers for this movie, but never heard anything about "The Ultimate Weapon"!!!! How sweet was that when Dooku turned that hologram on?! There was a collective *GASP* in the theatre. And the theatre went nuts with laughter when Obi-Wan told Ani, "You'll be the death of me". The speeder chase was cool (though I can already see the Episode II: Speeder video game coming out ). I was surprised how good (most) of the CG looked. The only part that looked a bit off was Ani riding that thing on Naboo. And I'm not the first one and certainly not the last to say that 3PO's wit was a bit much. I was OK with everything he said til he got on the arena floor. "What a drag"?! "I'm beside myself"?? Mr. Lucas should've left that stuff in the Droids cartoon. But it's minor flaws aren't gonna be enough to keep me from seeing it over and over and over again. If I saw TPM 16 times in the theatre, I can only imagine how many more times I'll see this!!!!! And I'm torn over my favorite line in the movie. It's either Mace saying "This party's over." or Obi-Wan's "Well, that's what I came for!" I thought Ewan delivered that line great!! Well, I'm off to see it again!!!!

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    Wow! Speechless!! I was a lucky one and got to see it in DLP (digital format) and even though the movie was great, seeing it crystal clear and sounding awesome REALLY took my movie experience to the next level! Yoda was just bad @ss!
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Thumbs up

    Outstanding movie. Saw it twice; second time was on the digital projector and man does it look great.
    It had everything a true Star Wars fan would love and more. Yoda was incredible. C-3PO was perfect comic relief as he was in the originals. And thanks to Lucas and Gurland for casting Christopher Lee in this movie. He was the perfect villain.
    Visually outstanding. I can't wait to see it again. This one was for the fans.
    "I've got such a bad case of dust contamination, I can barely move."

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    Now this is Star Wars.

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    Thumbs up

    I bet everyone who has been reading my posts about the movie in the spoilers section since last week when I saw it know how I voted.


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