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    Thumbs up This is Star Wars!!!

    Yeah, I was one of the lucky at a midnight showing across America last night. I drove an hour and a half to see AOTC and it was worth every minute of it!!!
    To see the story and to hear all of the foreknown foreshadowing for later events was probably the highlight of the whole film. At the same time there was sooooo much that it was kind of overwhelming (good tactic on Lucas' part because now I'll have to see it 10 times instead of 9 )...
    The visuals and the almost entirely CG everything were amazing! From the speeder chase to the fly throughs to the battle sequences...AMAZING!!!
    YODA (enough said)!!!
    There was so much kickin' stuff in the movie that it doesn't begin to be effected by the forced dialogue or the occassional bad actor. Lucas has outdone himself in this attempt to PLEASE US -- THE FANS -- in this movie. Cult favorite characters are given larger roles, cameos, and Lucas is toying with what he thinks that we want. AND HE DID AWESOME!!! I think what the critics need to realize is that this movie is created from one man's mind, a genius of storywriting and character development. He pioneered the new movement in Hollywood to attempt prequel stories, he has defined Sci-Fi / Fantasy as a completely legitamate artform in the midst of a Hollywood that seems to be grasping for the next Brittney Mandy N'Spears movie blockbuster. I give 100 Thumbs up to George for sticking to the guns of a great storyline that we all LOVE and that we all continue to go back for!!!

    To all who wanted for more storyline...READ THE SALVATORE BOOK...the background information that you can glean from that text will help to fill in the gaps...

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    I would have given this movie 10 out of ten if it weren't for the fact that the dialogue seems strained at times... It seems that everyone caught whatever Amidala had when she was queen of Naboo. The acting was sometimes not up to calibur... with the exceptions of Christopher Lee and Samual L. Jackson, Both of whom performed honorably and flawlessly! The young Boba was well portraid as well. C-3PO had way too many "puns" in one scene of the film that became a little un-nerving. The CGI imaging seemed too obvious...particularly Anakin's "bull" riding...The Droid Factory sequnce and Yoda's attack on the films Villains saved this movie in My eyes .... the rest of the film just seemed like the Blah, Blah, Blah from TPM all over again! I feel that this did not even come close to touching the original trilogy in any catagory!

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    Well, after Derek I guess I'm the second voice of desent here. I had big problems with it.

    Mostly though, I had the same feelings as someone else who posted in the forums the other day; The first hour totally, utterly, and completely FAILED to make me care one way or another about any of the characters.

    After a decent first 5 minutes I tried and tried to develop any sort of emotional attachment to somebody, but for me everything felt.... flat. That's the best word I can use to describe it. The direction I think is mostly to blame. But also (and this is a problem that plagued TPM also) there's just too much stuff on screen at any given time.

    I know that George Lucas can create a living breathing universe without constantly having an insect, droid, ship, animal, or stunning vista in the background. I know because he's done it before, as have other directors. I love everything about the sets and art design but I honestly think that the movie would have seemed much more real if it had been simplified, only using the huge sprawling vistas for establishing shots, and big scenes like the final battle.

    The funny thing is, I can pin point EXACTLY where I started to care about the characters. (avoiding spoilers here) When Anakin returns after exacting his revenge, all of a sudden everyones performance came alive! It's was like the lights came on I could see again. And literally from that second on, I was on the edge of my seat all the way through the final credits.

    So basically, I thought the entire first hour was an excercise in how NOT to make a movie, but if you can stomach it (and hopefully I can because I really want to see the end several more times) then the last hour will be one of the most thrilling rides you get this summer, out of any movie. So I voted "It's Ok", because I just don't see why the first half should be that bad, when the second is soooo darn good...
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    yeah the scene on tatooine after anakin returns is can almost see darth vader by the way his costume is in the shadows...i loved it all the problems
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    Loved it! I now have a new favorite Star Wars film.

    AOTC is what I've always imagined a Star Wars film should be like. Visually stunning, humorous and action packed.

    The strengths:
    Anakin - excellent job all around by Hayden.
    Yoda - awesome CG, awesome fightscene, THE Jedi Master!
    Threepio - had some of the funniest scenes in the movie
    The Geonosis battle - the most amazing thing ever to grace a movie screen!!

    The weaknesses:
    let's see......hmmmm....... okay, NOTHING!

    Quite simply the most amazing Star Wars film I have ever seen!
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    Okay, I can understand Derek having some problems with the film --- but how then can he hold TPM is such high esteem? That film totally sucked. I can't even bring myself to watch it on the DVD all the way through.

    Why are some people so anti old people? I don't get it. Catch you in thirty or so years, Derek . . .

    But back to the subject at hand ---- I thought ATOC was pretty spectular. In fact, I was pretty much blown away. Sure, there were some problems, but there was so much to like.

    Kamino. Kamino. Kamino! The film is all about Kamino! Loved everything about that planet. Especially Obiwan's dazed and confused but still pretending to know what's going on attitude.

    C3-P0 is back with a vengeance!

    JarJar is shall we say . . . contained.

    Things I didn't like . . . some (but surprisingly not much!) dialogue. Dexter and his Diner. (Hey, I love the 1950s, but not in Star Wars Please!) R2's "increased mobility" looks pretty cool --- but where is this capability in thirty or so years? (The EU expired warranty is not doing it for me, Folks!"

    But still, a steller return to form. Bravo, Lucas! Bravo!.

    In fact, ATOC is easily my third favorite SW film. And I don't mean this in a snidely backhanded compliment way, either. I genuinely love this film. It's just that Empire and A New Hope can't be beat in my book. The same cannot be said for Return of the Jedi. Yep, ATOC easily bumps it down a notch into the fourth slot. Something I NEVER-IN-A-MILLION-YEARS! expected it to do.

    Hmmmmm, you know what? I think I may just head on out back to the theatre now. Really! Sorry! Gotta Go!
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    It never slowed down, and kept me breathless from the opening shot of Padme's ship landing, clear through to the final credits.....

    the second half is definitely great, staggering.....

    George, the magic is BACK!!!!

    don't slow down, and keep the surprises happening.....keep the formula for episode III and we'll be there ready, willing, and able!!!!
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    I saw a Midnight showing last night and was throughly impressed. Of all of the things I was disappointed in I would say the recycling of sounds from TPM was the most obvious. One particular space scene was full of reused sounds. I even heard sounds that were in the original trilogy being used such as a certain persons blaster sounding like a Tie-Fighter gun! I felt Hayden's performance was excellent and it really leaves a lot open for the next movie which will have to be really crammed to get everything set straight to make a proper segway to transition Anakin to the Dark Side.

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    It was AWESOME truely awesome, though there's just so much to take in on the first viewing, that it can't be done with one viewing.
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    That was truly a awesome movie. All of it was great, well all the parts without Jar Jar. I still found him anoying, but other then that a great movie. Even my wife who is not much of a SW fan loved it.
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