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    Loved it. It was an amazing movie. What else do I have to say?

    BUT I did feel that the first part (everything before the instant Anakin slices up them critters in Padme's room) was kinda bad. But all in all, I think this is a great, super movie.
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    1) the details in all the visuals won't be so overwhelming after we've seen it a few times. Then there will always be something new to look for, to watch out for, etc. That part is cool considering the repeat viewing fans will be doing. In the Senate scene for example, I saw Aqualish, but I knew to look for other interesting add-ins. Didn't see them, but that doesn't mean they weren't there. It'll take a lot of viewings.

    As to the bar characters, I did see women in thongs. I can't wait for the Thong Threesome Cinema Scene action figure pack! That's better than aliens.

    2) I agree with you that some of the cuts were strange: Obi-Wan seeing the threat that all the clones marching on Kamino represented, and the music builds up to that, and then we cut to Anakin and Amidala's picnic in the field. Couldn't that cut have come after a gentler or more subtle scene like Obi-Wan's transmission from Kamino to Coruscant. Looking at the instruments of armageddon and then stopping to smell the flowers in the next shot was an interesting, if not BAD choice of cutting. That or maybe the technical term is the pacing was wierd.

    3) Between Anakin whining "it's not fair" and what you call 'the real story,' of course we disagree. Let's use an analogy though. Do you pay taxes? Do you like that? Do you think the government spends your money wisely? OK - so you've whined. Now, have you run for United States Congress? California State legislature? Tried to overthrow the Federal Government lately? OK. So there is life. You are married, fell in love prior to that I'd guess, etc. Someday you still could be a United States Congressman and fight taxations etc. But your life goes on. For argument's sake, let's say you become President and declare a dictatorship with an army of IRS agents. You still previously fell in love, married, had a child, whined about taxes, did your "padawan years" as a Congressman, etc. So in other words, we have our day-to-day lives and things "that all seem such a long way from here." So in real life, and with some time, we all can "take our first step into a larger world." But in the meantime, Anakin's life goes on. He has a girlfriend, a mother and a step-family. All this like a lot of us. Things happen to him, his mother's 'murdered,' - a victim of a society he cannot control. He starts to change and want to take control of that larger world to try and make a difference in his smaller one. This involves him in a family, and then an Empire! This is excellent character development and I think Anakin was my favorite character in this movie!

    4) I agree. Anakin's whining was not over-the-top and it was appropriate (like son, like father) and Hayden did so good in this role it was amazing! He outshown Ewan McGreggor in my opinion!

    5) Midichlorians? Are they or aren't they ever going to be important again?

    6) Qui-Gon having stolen Obi-Wan's history? Not at all. We see the connection going full circle with Dooku having been Qui-Gon's master. It made him more of a threat. The scene when Obi-Wan was captured was awesome (I mean the part of his dialogue with Dooku!)

    7) The Fett thing? I liked it! Boba Fett became an interesting secondary character. And I (as a Han Solo fan since the 70's) never liked Fett and never subscribed to the fanatic fandom around him. Jango was great however, and Boba's character just made a major leap into the interesting category. He outshown Watto a bit in this one. Nice job Daniel Logan and Temura Morrison!

    The rain fight was shorter than I thought it would be, but it rocked. The asteroids and the ship chase was even better! That was intense! Wow!

    7) I liked C-3PO. This was one of his better films. Better than TPM and ROTJ for his character.

    8) Agreed on the Opening scroll. They didn't explain the Separatist movement that well, and YES I did get that from the book and background stuff I read. But Stillakid's right, that should have been explained a little better in the movie. The Trial scene that was cut from the movie (Padme's and Anakin's trial for espionage on Geonosis) should have been left in. It would have accomplished that - be it late in the film (after the opening titles) or whatever, but oh well.

    9) Can't wait for Episode III? I don't want it to be all over. I can't wait to watch Attack of the Clones again. I have tickets in 4 hours from now, so I better get my butt back in line!
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    NO SPOILERS - review

    Now that I've seen it twice I think I know how I feel about Attack of the Clones. I was skeptical after my fist viewing at midnight. I don't know if I was sunburnt and tired from line but I felt a little ripped off. (and confused. But it wasn't hard to rationalize certain emotive bursts well as other suprises)
    Over all I was utterly blown away. The love story really got to me.
    It's epic. To see the Galactic Empire in it's infancy is incredible. The design is beautiful and the story is rich. It's a huge movie and an incredibly human one.
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    I'm still shaking with excitement, and I walked out of the theater 3 hours ago. Quite Possibly could top the list of my favorite chapter in the Saga. I dunno, have to see in more times before I can decide. But no matter what, it was wonderful. Seeing the lines of dalogue that seemed bad in the trailers, in the finished context of the movie, they worked fine. I hope the DVD replaces at least the Jedi Archives scene, and the Trial On Geonosis scene. It's a good year for Star Wars quote young Ani...."Yipee!"

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    It's my favorite of the 5 films so far!

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    Outstanding. I'm still in shock. I read the book, and read spoilers all the time, but nothing could have prepared me for Ep2.
    GL has outdone himself again.

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    Just back from second showing with the wife, have to say one thing AWWWSOME again.The wife isn't a big fan like me but she really seemed to enjoy this particular Episode.

    Good job George, can't wait till Episode 3.
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    I LOVED IT!!!! I was excited, shocked and a little disturbed by how far Anakin goes.

    It is the darkest (so far) of all the films. Empire is my favorite and this one ranks in at number 2. This was indeed a Star Wars movie and begins to put everything into a new perspective. A+

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    I can't wait to see how they out due AOTC with Ep III! If they can that is.

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    This is my first post here, and I'm pleased that it's to say the movie brought insane amounts of funk, it was excellent.
    Like other posters, I thought the first half was slow, and my one complaint was the whole rolling in the fields stuff between Amidala and Anakin, but the last half of the film was so amazing, I can let that go for sure. It just kept getting better and better! Sam L. Jackson got it done, and the Yoda / Dooku battle will get me back to the theatre MANY more times.
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