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    What did you think of Attack Of The Clones?

    What did you think of Attack Of The Clones?

    Discuss it here but please refrain from posting spoilers.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I liked it, it was different...

    Everyone Expects ANH replica...

    But this is different... I saw it like an Adventure epic combined...

    I gave it a 9/10... I'm taking 1 point off cause Anakin whined too match at one stage... brat... but then again sometimes brats do become mass-murderers... just joking...

    PS, I loved Empire Strikes Back, Gladiator and Pearl Habour and did'nt like TPM... just an example of my tastes in movies...

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    I can't say; I haven't had the pleasure of seeing a sneak preview and I refuse to partake in the pirate copies on the internet. A TRUE SW fan would not screw Lucas like that (the pirating part, of course).

    And to make a point which some may or may not like... to those who *****ed about EPI and who will be *****ing about EP2... George came up with the idea for SW... if he never made the movies, we would never be here. The story is created by HIM and turned into a movie for US. Not created by US and made into a movie by him.

    So stop *****ing about how he 'screwed this and that up'. He never did nor will he screw anything up in the movies since all of it came from him in the first place.

    He may have done things that some didn't like and I'm sure he will do things in EP2 that more won't like, but remember... most of us were 5 years old when we saw EP4 - if we saw it for the first time today, I doubt it would have the impact on us as it has having been with us from such a young age - an age where imagination rules and we don't have any inclination of how soem CG looks bad or the acting is bad.

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    Thumbs up

    I've used this thread to post my first forum post at SSG. I was very lucky and scored tickets to see AOTC on Saturday the 11th; one day before the official Midwest charity premiere! I want to give hope to the Star Wars fans out there who have read some poo-poo reviews of the new flick. As a fan since I saw the first movie at seven years of age, hopefully you can identify with my opinion better than some of the snob critics out there.
    I have to say, this is the most fun I've had at a movie in my recent memory (OK, South Park, Bigger, Longer, and Un-Cut comes close). I dare to say, it is the best of the five movies so far. Empire may have it beat from a dialogue and plot point of view, but for everything we see a Star Wars movie for, this is the best!
    The plusses:
    1.) Visuals are fantastic from the opening shots on. Its a nice long scene of Padme's ship landing through the clouds of Coruscant, and it's beautiful. The Coruscant chase is breathtaking, and the battle of Geonosis will make you want a cigarette when its over.
    2.) Palpatine's manipulations are sooooo evil.
    3.) Jar Jar is not the comic relief any longer. He does serve the plot in a very important way, however.
    4.) C-3PO and R2-D2 are now the comic relief again, as they should be. I never was a huge fan of threepio, but he had me cracking up in this one. He delivers two of the worst puns in movie history and I loved them! They were so out of place it was great!
    5.) Padme is quite hot.
    6.) Dexter Jettster is a great new character. Iwhish there was more of him.
    7.) The clone factory is quite cool, as are the Kaminoians who run it.
    8.) Daniel Logan does a great job as Boba Fett. Way better than any of the child actors in TPM. He has a wonderful blend of mischief and sullennes. I wanted more of him too.
    9.) The moment when Anakin steps over that line into the dark side is great! You finally see the Darth in him. And the musicthat accompanies all this is wonderfully foreshadowing.
    10.) Speaking of music, the score is way better than TPM (with the exception of "Duel Of The Fates", which rocks!)
    11.) The arena battle and the subsequent battle of Geonosis is about the coolest thing ever put on film.
    12.) Christopher Lee is great as Count Dooku. Wonderfully decieving and evil.
    13.) Yoda Yoda Yoda Yoda Yoda Yoda Yoda. He is the star of this film. You may actually pass out from delight when you see him confront Dooku
    14.) Even though I was naughty and read many spoilers, including a full plot synopsis. There were many surprises that we Star Wars fans will go nuts over.
    The minusses:
    1.) Some of the dialogue is hokey. Who cares?! Let's stop pretending the first trilogy was Shakespeare.
    2.) There is one bad CG effect of Anakin falling off the back of a (I think) nuna on Naboo. And it does look bad.
    3.) The love affair seems a little forced at times. I'm still not sure when it was that Padme crossed over into falling for Anakin. I guess I'll have to see it again
    4.) Anakin is a total brat, but isn't he supposed to be? Some may be bugged by his whining. Again, who cares?!

    Overall, I'd give the first half of the film an 8 out of 10 and the second half a 10 out of ten. See this movie! Don't listen to the snobs who are judging this on the same criteria they would judge a Shakespeare In Love or Out Of Africa. This is one fun movie!

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    I voted loved it. I havn't seen the movie yet but I read the book and saw about ten minutes of it a Celebration II. Even though it's a day too early to make this decision, from what I read and seen from trailers and at Celebration II it is a great movie. In about a week or two people will be saying Spider Who?
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Oh you'd probably be surprised by how many people have already seen it. I have to admit I was a somewhat guilty party to the bootleg ( did not belong to me, but watched most of it nonetheless). But, seeing it the way it was intended has since been corrected. The best way I (and everyone else who saw it with me) can describe it is INTENSE. The first 30 minutes of EP2 put ALL of EP1 to shame. It is my second favorite film next to ESB. I do think the situation with C-3PO on Geonosis is a little over the top, however. That's my only complaint though. Go see this movie as soon as you can. You won't regret it.
    Crack a Window, will ya?? HaHa!

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    For the record, I wangled myself into a press viewing for reviewers...
    I'm sure this is how some people have seen it early...

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    I haven't seen it, but still voted " Loved it!" cause I will love it.

    I get to see it for free tomorrow! WOOHOO!

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    I loved it!
    I managed to see it 4 times before the premiere (I work for a theater that's getting 6 prints)
    and with each time it got better!
    Can't saw enough good things about it.
    It does raise some interesting plot points for E3.

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    CRAZY! unfortunately, i don't know how to express how excited I am at the results without resorting to a string of incoherent expletives. i will just say that if you thought Sam Jackson was tough as shaft, you ain't seen a thing!

    brilliant return to form after phatom menace. couldn't be happier with it.


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