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    Its a poll to see who you think will be the biggest $$$ maker this summer: poll

    although I think the part about
    won't repeat the opening weekend box-office performance of Spider-Man (it can't really, it's just not being released in as many theaters)
    is bunk. I mean, if it is in half as many theaters & twice as many people see it, it will tie, correct?

    ***edit*** Well, went to vote & just found out that you have to be registered.....

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    Actually I think Lucas said that AOTC will be in just as many theatres.
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    As many theaters, maybe . . . not as many screens. The official line is that he wants it shown in the best possible environment.

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    If nearly every showing of Spider-Man was sold-out like I heard, then it wouldn't be possible to beat that take.
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