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    Question Where Are The Aotc T-shirts ?????

    Has anyone else noticed that AOTC merchandise for adults has been almost null and void. I mena where are all of the shirts, hats, pins etc. Only one day to go and the only shirts I have seen are at K-Mart for little kids. I remember the stores being flooded with shirts, boxers, hats etc well before TPM hit the theaters. Where are the Jango shirts or Anakin shirts ?
    Even at Celebration II there were no shirts to be found except the ones custom made by an airbrush artist. It will feel wierd seeing AOTC without wearing any merchandise!
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    yeah, i've noticed that too. ive been tryin to find a jango shirt but none are big enough
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    I've been tryin to find a shirt to wear on Thursday but so far no luck .

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    May want to try Media Play or Suncoast. And try this thread, it was discussed recently:

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    GL cut the merchandise liscenses by 2/3rds, thus we are bound to feel the void somewhere. Too bad it had to be the adult clothing section.

    Maybe after the movies release we will be able to petition Lucasfilm to reconsider releasing adult sized clothing.
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    Perhaps adult apparel was one of the casualties of Lucas' cutting back on his licencees.
    I bought a couple of TPM shirts last time around, but noticed that the majority of these quickly wound up on the clearance racks shortly after the film came out - no doubt costing the retailers.

    I haven't been to a Suncoast lately, but I have noticed some SW tees at the Hot Topic stores. They weren't AOTC, but rather vintage-looking tees with Chewie and Yoda.
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