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    12 inch jango,dooku

    has anyone found theses and where
    can u help me find them ............

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    hey tatooed sith,
    Welcome and enjoy yourself.
    I have heard Some time in June for both.Some one with more info will be along soon.Again welcome and enjoy
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    i will and i hope i can be of help to some new comers as well thanks

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    I just saw a post somewhere that a guy found Jango and Mace at TRU. They wanted $47.00 for Jango, so he brought in the K-Mart ad and they matched the price of $32. Happy Hunting

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    TRU's are now getting shipments of 12" Jangos. They are $39.99 at TRU. I know cause I got one this morning. Kmart sounds like a better deal though.
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