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    Some GREAT new AOTC pics!

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    You're right. They are great.

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    And it looks like you can use the Imperial astromech's accessory for something now.
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    SWEET! pic Lord, where'd you get it?

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    COOL PICS GUYS!!!!!!!


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    I'm with you PENDO, I almost wet my pants with those pics!!!!
    Finally, the movie is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So they hav ethe plan for the death star in this movie???? Holy crap!!!! Thats so cool now I know I better pee before I go in to see this!!

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    Ah I see, so the yellows are the pilots but they wear different helmets which are more closer to the AT-AT/TIE Pilot style with Clone Trooper face plate and it appears they also wear plain white armor.
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    Really, where is the Death Star pic from? It wasn't on the page!
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