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    Anyone else get dissed for the midnight showing?

    One of the only local theaters that is having a midnight showing had their advance tickets on sale yesterday. I was going to get two for me and the wife, and two for my friend and his girl. He disappeared on me yesterday, so today I physically went to his work to make sure he wanted to go and to collect his ticket money. He said he was broke, so I said I'd spot him the money. He lives and works 30 miles from LR, so needless to say, by the time I got to the theater from going to talk to his dumb a**, they were sold out. D'oh! I know, I shouldn't have waited on him. Now I get to wait till noon the next day.

    Anyone else got similar stories, complaints, post 'em here, misery loves company.

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    my friends and relatives always diss me when it comes to getting concert/movie tickets. i get tired of hounding them for money, so i usually go alone. however, i know my tight wad cousin loves star wars, so i just bought him a ticket to go with me at the midnight show. i know i'll never see that cash again, so i won't even ask.

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    I know the feeling Derek. Sometimes you have to just do it yourself, because people will mooch off you no matter what.
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