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    Mixed feelings about MacFarlane

    I have mixed feelings about MacFarlane toys, personally. I have to agree in some ways that the figures are often poorly constructed. I bought a Thing figure that I'll need to return because one of the spidery arms is broken inside the blister (luckily I didn't open it yet). However, what few items from their lines I have purchased and opened (X-Files, Austin Powers, McKenzie Bros.) I have been quite pleased with and have displayed proudly in my collection. I agree that these are more akin to affordable statues than "action figures". As to the matter of articulation, I feel that so many people are spoiled by articulation. I grew up with the original Star Wars figures and never had any issues with their lack of moveable elbows, waists, knees, etc. When figures like G.I. Joe and Buck Rogers explored increased articulation they came off looking too mechanical. I've recently seen ads for a 12" figure with individually articulated fingers! At that point it looks even less appealing because of the sacrifices necessary to achieve that level of articulation. In the case of figures based on some properties (X-Files, Austin Powers) I would take sculpts over articulation any day. But then I tend to display more than play at the age of 35, but even at 12 I had more than ample imagination to make up for lack of articulation.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    I like McFarlane's products, but to call them "Extreme Action Figures" is ludicrous in most cases, the only thing "extreme" about these action figures is the stench when you open the packaging!
    Man, when I opened my first McFarlane figure (Edward Scissorhands) I was blown away by the stench! I always kind of enjoyed the scent of a fresh Star Wars figure, but that thing stank! Looks cool on my shelf, though.

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    actually that is a pretty good point about the stink. I opened my Shrek, and he has a "soft" plastic waistcoat and tunic. When they have a figure with the sort of "soft" plastic as opposed to the "hard" plastic it really does pong.


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