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Thread: AOTC in ATL

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    AOTC in ATL

    just found 4 jedi starfighters at walmart in marietta on johnsons ferry rd
    I hid 2 of them for my friends but one is still in the correct aisle
    let me know if you need one and I can tell you where I put them
    they ring up at $19.76 which is less than I believe the retail price of $24.99 quoted online
    happy hunting
    if anyone knows where I can find the teebo/bo shek wave let me know
    Im also still searching for a nm zutton and eeth
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    I haven't found any of the Bo Shek figures in the metro Atlanta area...the newest POTJ I've found lately was a Zutton at the TRU in Kennesaw.
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    was it the mangled zutton -the only one on the shelf?
    or have they received another shipment in the past 2 weeks
    still no eeth though
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    Just hang tight on the BoShek wave. I've heard they're popping up around here......otherwise, will get 'em again for $6.50 a piece...can't beat that.

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    Good news! I found the BoShek wave at the Wal-Mart on 41 near Cumberland Mall. They still had a few of each when I left.
    Hope this helps your search.
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    last wave of green cards

    found the last wave of green cards (non preview)
    the walmart at the perimeter had a few of each figure left (Bo Shek, Teebo and R4) and they also had a few AOTC previews but surprisingly no jangos or clonetroopers could be found. I think they may be the first highly sought after AOTC figs. good luck
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    Again, thanks GenKen. The tip to hit Canton for the Jedi Starfighter also helped me score the Teebo wave in Woodstock. I am done until midnight madness. I will NOT buy the two ship resculpts. I feel like such a sucker every time I buy a figure resculpt, so I won't do it for a more expensive ship.

    So, are we going to get our ATL crew together to see a midnight showing???


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    AOTC sell date

    is it still April 23 at midnight or am I mistaken?
    I havent heard anything lately from the Lucas camp, but I plan to be out buying the first wave just like I was 3 years ago
    you can pick up an AT-ST at the TRU in Kennesaw
    they just broke out another box while I was there and they had a few jangos and clones there as well
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    They have plenty of At-St's at that TRU, I saw at least 6 on the shelf FX7 wave though.
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    i found a jedi starfighter in sierra vista...but we dont have a tru soo i havent found any thing else..
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