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Thread: More rare??

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    More rare??

    Which of the POTJ figures were the hardest for you to find?? I'm interested to see which figures are hard to find in different areas and which ones warm the pegs

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    The only POTJ figure that I've still never seen is R2-Q5. I must have just missed him once because I saw all the other figures in that wave one time at Toys 'R Us. It took Zutton, BoShek, FX-7, R4-M9, and Teebo awhile to show up, but they finally did.
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    The 'clean version' of the Biker Scout Trooper was only out for a limited time before the Dirty version came out.

    I consider that one to be the rarest.
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    Since I have all of them now, except for the clean Biker Scout I would have to say that one.
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    I managed to pick up all of the POTJ figs at retail, but the ones I never saw again after getting mine were:

    Biker Scout (both versions)

    The BoShek wave finally showed up at one of the local TRUs just last week. I really wish Hasbro wasn't so stingy with the Stormies - there's never been a good supply of these guys.
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    I managed to get like 6 clean biker scouts at Electronics Boutique when they first came out. At that time I had no idea they would be rare. Im not to fussy over the dirty ones since I never saw a dirty one in the movie

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    Fode & Beed (Never saw one at retail)
    Biker Scout (Never saw one clean or dirty)

    I still haven't seen the Bo Shek wave at retail either, but I guess they could still show up.
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    I have seen every POTJ figure at one time or another. Foolishly, I passed up on some ones that I banked on being peg warmers but instead bought other figures that turned out to be the actual peg warmers. But I have tracked down almost everyone. The one void in my collection is a Chewie Dejarik. I don't have a Clean Scout either (passed him up for $7.50 at a Comic Store) but I do have a couple of Dirty Scouts.
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    actually it wasnt really hard for me to get any of them, except for clean trooper which i still have yet to see
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    I eventually found all the POTJ figures after I looked around for a while, though I must say R2Q5 and the BoShek wave were probably the hardest to locate. Never found a clean Scout Trooper, anybody have an extra and want to trade, please send me a private message!


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