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    Today I went hunting in Greenwood to see if I could find the 12" Speederbike w/ Luke at Target. I did not find it.

    But at TRU in Greenwood... they have the Simpson's Tree House of Horrors 2. There were four when I was there, three now since I bought one. They are $34.99!!! WOW!

    Then I went to the mall, The Electronics Boutique has the Noiseland Arcade w/ Jimbo and the First Church of Springfield w/ Reverend Lovejoy for $19.99 each.

    Also, Burger King has Simpson Halloween Kid Meal Toys. I went there for lunch and bought the three different toys that they have. They have #7 - Maggie, #8 - Dr. Hibbert, and #9 - Grounds Keeper Willie. They are pretty neat. They light up!!!

    Well, I just wanted to update you Simpson Fans!!
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    If anyone ordered the Simpsons Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy from EB they are shipping. I got mine in the mail today.
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    Smile New POTJ @ Brownsburg WM $4

    Just picked up new Luke, EW Vader and new Solo at Brownsburg Walmart on clearance for $4 (had lots left). They had plenty of Shmis and EU Obis too. The new stuff scans $6.44 but the Bespin guard scans $4 so they sell em all for that. They were in the clearance aisle back by the lawn and garden/Christmas area. Also saw Luke and Vader at Super Target in Avon. Good Luck.
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    I must have the slowest Wal Mart in the world!! They still have the 12" sith speeder for $40!!

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    You do not have the slowest WalMart. I visited my grandparents up north in Calif. (Redding) and hit two WalMarts in the Central Valley along the way. Both had the 12" Darth Maul/Speederbike.

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    Slow Wal Mart

    I read where Wal Marts in other parts of the country mark stuff down and the Wal Mart closest to me is always behind. None of the 3 3/4" figures have been marked down, and the 12" figures are still regular price. I know; I check every couple of weeks.

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    D'oh...I forgot that we are also here too!! Hey just a quick shout out to those who happen to look for figs...I am still looking for EW vader and the new han and the Tie Interceptor. If you happen to come across them let me know or pick them up and not only will I pay you back for them but I also pay a convience pay for your time! Woo Hoo! Just let me know if you got them and where you would like to meet!
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    One shall rise- one shall fall.

    Yes it's finally here! The new Super Target on 135 opened this morning. This comes the day after the one in the county line mall closed it's doors for good.

    Unfortunately, they didn't have much in the way of new toys. For SW fans they had the Vader and Shmi waves plus plenty of Sandtroops. They also had about twenty B-wings! Hopefully these will go down soon and not clog the shelves for the soon to arrive 12" Luke and Speeder.

    For anyone else that cares, there were no new Simpsons or Transformers on the pegs. I did manage to finally acquire a Sideshow Bob and Krustylu set. I was surprised to see that, as old as it is.

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    Where exactly??

    Where exactly is this new Target on 135? Is it near Southport Road? I know a new huge Target opened there recently. My brother lives in the shadow of St. Francis Hospital, and I'm up there regularly to visit my niece and nephew.

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    Hey Bald Ewok! I got your Han and Vader figures. You want to meet like last time? E-mai me.

    As for the new Target Super Center it is on S. Meridian and at the first light south of Smithvalley Rd. It is across the plaza with the Guitar Works.
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