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    I think it's natural to feel jumpy, I've noticed here in LA that folks seem very jumpy about airplanes overhead. The idea that 3 of the 4 airplanes used in these horrid acts of terrorism were heading towards this fair city of mine is just one more little piece of "oh my!" to add onto our pile of anxiety, fear, and disgust for some of the folks I've seen over the past few days here in LA. However, I've also adopted that "be a little more kind and watch for opportunities to help others" attitude to counter the fear I see, because I know that the brotherhood of man is stronger than any act of terrorism.

    What really cheeses me off is that during these horrible events and in the days following, the amount of e-mail spam I've received has steadily grown! What the hell?!?
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    What really cheeses me off is that during these horrible events and in the days following, the amount of e-mail spam I've received has steadily grown! What the hell?!?
    Twice yesterday, I received a message from "givelife" or something like that that looks like a legitimate plea for aid. (I know this because I, though I normally delete spam without reading it, thought it might be on the level.) But after a paragraph, it becomes a lengthy and disgusting diatribe about how anyone who doesn't support spam automatically supports bin Laden.

    Back to the subject, I've felt rather touchy over the past couple of days, and even saw a report last night about how it's a normal reaction. There's no one to blame, and we feel helpless, so we're all on edge. It's going to take weeks at least, more likely months or even years, for life to be "normal" again. I've slept fitfully, when at all, since the attacks, and always wake up with an image of an airplane crashing into a tower in my mind. I'm still trying to comprehend the very idea of 11,000 people, much less 11,000 casualties. Plus, it's just sinking in that, had either plane destined for the White House hit that target, many of my friends who work in the vicinity would be injured or dead.

    And I just realized last night, when telling my girlfriend that her options for a drink were "Crab Juice or Mountain Dew" how many seemingly trivial things are going to be different because they remind us of what's happened. (That particular line is from a Simpsons episode that takes place almost entirely in and around the World Trade Center, and it doesn't seem nearly as funny to me as it did on Monday.)

    I've been waking up several times a night, immediately replaying the attacks in my head. Yesterday morning, about 3 AM, I woke up and heard a noise in front of my apartment. I immediately thought, "plane--but there's not supposed to be any air traffic!" and rushed to the window, only to see a truck rambling down the road.

    Fear, anger, despair, hatred--they are normal after what's happened. But we can't give in to them. If we do, the terrorists have brought us to their level.
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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO

    It may sound crass Obi-dan but if you feel the frustration brimming over you must take a step back and allow others to express their pain and frustration. You work in a job that is not known for gaining the respect of clientelle at the best of times. You are seen as the little guy to dump on. It's not personal, it's just the way it is. Try not to take it to heart.
    Yeah, I agree totally. I was really amazed at how confrontational I was. She made some little comment that on any other day I would have brushed off, but instead I started arguing with her, and it got to the point that she just stopped talking to me. Luckily the other people at the table were nicer than they had to be, given my behavior, and still tipped me. Then the bartender was asking me to stay and cover the bar for him for a few hours, but I knew I needed to go home. I've actually started crying at random times the past few days. Last night I went to see Apples in Stereo and could barely get a couple beers down, because it made me feel sick. (This is something that is usually not a problem for me.) I was hardly able to enjoy the show. I don't think anything has ever affected me in quite the same way that this has. Let us all take a deep breath and try to remember that everyone else feels the same way that we do. I obviously forgot for a minute.
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