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    Is everybody just irritable today?

    Okay, I have noticed that it seems everyone, from my co-workers to customers, to my girlfriend, to myself is just irritable as hell today. I work in a restaurant, tending bar and waiting tables, so I'm used to getting absolutely stupid and annoying comments. Usually I brush them off, smile and keep on being polite. But I actually was surprised at how annoying people were today. Also, I argued with one of my customers, which I never do. Argued until she just stopped talking to me. Of cousre, I felt bad afterwards, and couldn't figure out what possessed me to argue with her. I just wonder, in light of yesterday's events, if this is a national phenomenon and if anyone else has noticed it. I think everyone was shocked and amazed yesterday, and now the anxiety and anger are setting in, making people jumpy. And also grouchy.

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    Yes, I've noticed the same thing today. I believe it is just the adrenaline from yesterday wearing off. I remember actually being frightened as I went to sleep last night, worried that the attacks were going to continue. When I woke up this morning I noticed I was in a very confrontational mood and had basically no sense of humour. I was just taking EVERYTHING personally. I thought it was just me.
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    it's a perfectly normal reaction. with no-one to point the finger at, rage has to go somewhere. emotions are so high that every sense id heightened. I woke up and was angered bythe favt that everything was carrying as normal in my neighbourhood. i was angry that adverts were still running on the TV. I was angered by the smiles i saw on peoples faces wherever i looked when i was boiling with sadness inside. Being helpless in the face of such a tragedy is going to be hard to bear for so many people that we are all going to face such emotions in the days ahead. How could people be cheery after yesterday? Life has to go on but we cannot be allowed to continue as normal. The moment any of us begins to forget or become complacent is the moment that the terrorists have won. I live on the other side of the Atlantic and want so much to help somehow. I am frustrated that i cannot.
    It may sound crass Obi-dan but if you feel the frustration brimming over you must take a step back and allow others to express their pain and frustration. You work in a job that is not known for gaining the respect of clientelle at the best of times. You are seen as the little guy to dump on. It's not personal, it's just the way it is. Try not to take it to heart.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    I woke up and was angered by the fact that everything was carrying on as normal in my neighborhood. I was angry that adverts were still running on the TV. I was angered by the smiles I saw on peoples faces wherever I looked when I was boiling with sadness inside.

    I felt the same way jargo. Once again you succinctly put into words how I am feeling...
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    Cool yeah, i saw some of this today too

    so just stay loose & frosty, & later everywun'll remember whatta cool cucumber you were

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    I've also noticed that people are really jumpy today. Everytime someone hears a loud sudden noise they get startled.

    I've seen behavior like this before, in Bosnia. I never in a million years thought I would be seeing it in the US.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    Re: Is everybody just irritable today?

    Originally posted by Obi-Dan Kenobi
    I just wonder, in light of yesterday's events, if this is a national phenomenon
    More like international dude, This has been on all the channels here in Australia non stop since it happened!
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    Thumbs down

    The world has been changed forever. I am right across the river, and people are just miserable. I was talking to a friend in Italy who ised to come and visit. I now really mean used to, because she said she is not coming any more.
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    Yeah... people are being complete @$$h0LE$ everywhere... and with all the stuff that's been happening, I have found myself being EXTRA nice to everyone.

    That's really what we should be doing. See???? They are fracturing us from within!!! Stop the disease!!!

    Living should not stop as LIFE does not stop. To stop our daily activities is to let them have their little victories. Mourn the losses, but glorify life and honour the vicitms by LIVING... and remember- the last thing you say to someone may very well be the LAST thing they will ever hear.
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    Thats why I always tell my family I love them before I go to work or anywhere else for that matter. Yes I do believe that if we change the way we live,we are letting them win.It is hard to go on to work and shopping or anything else knowing what has happened.I was beginning to start thinking about Christmas,making plans and all the things that go with it. But you can't help to think about those who have lost someone and how thier Christmas will be effected. To say "this sucks" doesn't even come close to saying how I feel.I know I will be thinking of all those people and saying prayers for them now and when the holidays get here.Maybe we all need to say some prayers for them and remember them now and always.

    I have also noticed the change in people. Not as much as being anrgy at each other but most do feel jumpy.I noticed today when I got home from work I heard alot of sirens and I must say that it worry me.I guess it will take some time for all of us,because it did effect us all in one form or another.

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