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    cool!, thanks Caesar!
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    i second your comments on gary oldman and chris rock. oldman is so good, a lot of times if you don't know he's in the movie, you won't even realize it's him. he's my favorite actor. note i say actor, not personality.

    and chris rock: this guy should stick to stand up. funny as ever on the stage, lamest ever on film.

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    Johnny Depp 5...I just dont like the way he acts...
    Sean Penn 7
    Brad Pitt 7
    Denzel Washington 8
    Tom Hanks 8
    Jimmy Stewart...who's this guy?? I havent seen those 3 movies u posted...In what other movies did he appear??
    Russell Crowe 8
    Marlon Brando 9
    Robert De Niro 10
    Edward Norton 7
    Al Pacino 10
    Kevin Spacey 9

    The other actor that would get a 10 in my scale would be Jack Nicholson
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    Re: How would you rate these actors?

    I have to admit that I have a hard time separating the actor from how they appear in public and their talent. For example, I despise Woody Allen in real life (I think he's a freakin perv) but I really like his earlier work. That being said take my ratings with a grain of salt.

    Morgan Freeman - 10 (A great voice. Very soothing. Loved him in Shawshank)
    Sean Penn - 5 (Neither like nor dislike him. I couldn't care less if he disappeared from the radar.)

    Brad Pitt - 7 (I think he's a dopey guy, but his acting isn't bad.)

    Denzel Washington - 7 (A loud mouth, but he is a decent actor.)

    Tom Hanks - 8 (A good actor, but he's starting to bug the hell out of me.)

    Jimmy Stewart - 8 (Good actor, but many of his roles just felt like they were the same to me.)

    Russell Crowe - 7.5 (Same category at Pitt, Hands, Washington)

    Marlon Brando - 10 (for skills with a knife and fork) - 2 as an actor (Except for Godfather; I'll give him a nine for that one.)

    Robert De Niro - 7.5 (His earlier work was much superior but lately has just stunk. I do give him a 10 for Midnight Run; such a great flick.)

    Edward Norton - 5 (See Sean Penn)

    Al Pacino - 9 (This guy is great. The only crappy movie I can think of with AP is Dick Tracy. Hoo-haw!)

    Kevin Spacey - 8 (Hits me as an elitist snob, but is a really good actor.)

    Johnny Depp - 5 (Also see Sean Penn. He was OK in Ed Scissors)

    Tom Cruise - 8.5 (Seems like another Hollywood phony like Pitt, but he has done some good acting.)

    Anthony Hopkins - 9 (Just because he does do dumb stuff now and then. *cough*Bad Company*cough)

    Vincent D'Onofrio - 9 (I have to agree with SWAFFY. Great actor. I hope L&O: CI stays on for a very long time.)

    Mike Meyers (SP?) - 9 (This guy is really funny. Every movie he's in he does such a fantastic job with what he's been given. I though AP1 was crap, but he acted excellently.)

    Sly Stallone - 2 (Driven, Cliffhanger, Oscar...Need I say more?)
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