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    Little lego fellas


    Just wondering if anyone knows any way of getting hold of individual lego figures?

    Ive got the Jedi Starfighter, which is very funky, but Id love a little Jango to go with it.

    Plus, IMHO a small army of lego stormies would be very cool indeed.


    Katy (one half of kadamontaga)

    Also, please remember Im in the UK.
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    Bricklink comes to mind or eBay from time to time. Then again, the Jango Fett Slave I is on sale at Target this week. Better hurry and get one before they bring it back to the original price.
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    On they sell sets of three hard-to-find figures. the only set i know of right know includes emperor palpatine, darth vader, and darth maul. it will probably make a set with jango in the future.
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    lego clonies

    In the UK midco toys are selling a few lego clonies. See for a link to them.

    Ive ordered a few and should be getting them soon, yay

    Katy (previously one half of kadamontaga)
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