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    Jango beheaded and follow-up story

    Okay, so we all know Jango is decapitated by Mace. Here is a possible foolow up to that for EPIII. Boba kills Mace by disinegration (sp?). He certainly would have motivation and reason to.
    Samuel L. Jackson has stated that he wants to die in a grand style. To close a hole George could have Boba kill Mace as previously mentioned tying in the line from Vader during the gathering of the bounty hunters, saying "I want them alive (turns to look at Boba Fett, and points) no disinegrations"

    I know Hayden Christensen has said he wants to kill Mace but he has the chance to kill many Jedi. By having Boba do it we will clearly see why he is the"most fear bounty hunter in the galaxy" .

    what say you?
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    I read somewhere that Mace would be "ripped in two" by Boba Fett in Episode III via a missile fired from his jetpack. Grain of truth or fanboy speculation? Probably the latter, but it's definitely not a boring way to die.

    So I guess then we'd get some sort of Maul-ish Mace figure that separated at the waist, or perhaps an "exploding" Mace Windu a la the Super Battle Droid

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    This is an episode three thread in the wrong section.

    Update: it's now in the correct forum so this post seems silly but there ya go eh? That's moderatory powers at work.
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    you know, i really wish you'd label your titles WITHOUT spoilers...
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    ive been thinking about how they would do that also, good theory. i would like to see mace get torn in half, of course it would probably look lame cuase gl doesnt want a pg13 rating...oh well
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    Perhaps such matters would be better discussed in the EPISODE III (SPOILERS) FORUM???

    Also- Episode III is supposed to take place about 3 years after Episode II-- which would mean that Boba Fett will be all of THIRTEEN.

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    NO, Sam said he didn't wanna die like a punk.....

    dying by the hands of a useless, do nothing, throwaway character would be 'dying like a punk'

    Vader or Sidious should kill Mace.....
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    jedi master sal, you don't get into the Episode III spoiler section much do ya? Check out Mace's Death thread for ruminations about how Mace doesn't "go out like a punk."
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    Boba doesn't seem so fierce in the OT, I mean a blind man knocks him in the Sarlacc pit, and he lets Vader boss him around.

    Not to mention he screams like a girl.

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    Originally posted by JediIan
    you know, i really wish you'd label your titles WITHOUT spoilers...
    Sorry about that, it's been labeled, moved to the proper Spoiler section, then de-labeled once it was in the right place.
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