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    Talking Okay, I want to start a POTJ collection... what are some of the BEST figures?

    I just got my R2-Q5 today, and I have to say that it's one of the coolest figures I've ever seen. Ever. I mean, an EVIL Astromech Droid? Wow.

    I also got FX-7, and he's a beautiful piece of work... 39 points of articulation, great detail... amazin. I'm getting R4-M9 soon, and from what I've seen he looks outrageously cool too.

    I want to start a POTJ Collection, but I'm not sure which figures are particularly well-made/cool... can someone give me some suggestions?

    How's Dejarik Chewie? Tatooine Jar Jar? Emperor's Wrath Vader? Fode & Beed? Did I miss any really good ones?

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    Plo Koon has really great detail to him.

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    You must have a Plo and Eath! Chewie is pretty cool, if you put him up to his table their isn't much use of him outside of that. Luke bacta tank is sweet as is Leia with gun. The only other must haves I would say are K3-po and Amanaman....
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    I was pretty much impressed with most of the line up other than a few exceptions. I really liked

    Scout Trooper

    ones I coulda done wiht out

    Any expanded universe crap!!!
    Jar Jar wiht tongue action
    Qui Gonn moisture lookin thing
    teebo could been done better too

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    My faves from this line are:

    Scout Trooper
    EW Vader
    BE Leia
    Tantive Rebel
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    the luke bacta was very cool. sandtrooper, the maul was ok but his arm kept coming off(just mine?) i didnt really like jek porkins...
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    Bo Shek
    Ellors Madak (Duros)
    & Sandtrooper are all personal favorites of mine.
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    Anyone know where I can get a BoShek, the Old Obi-Wan, Jedi Trainer Obi-Wan, Mechanic Chewie, EW Vader, and R2-Q5 reasonable price? I can't find them anywhere!
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    What's so great about K-3P0? He looks like a pretty bland, boring figure to me...

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    well browndroid my darth maul is fine so you must have got a bad one
    best figs in my opinion:

    Boba Fett 300th figure
    Tessek (although he's a huge pegwarmer in the US he's amazing)
    Ellors Madak
    Darth Maul shirtless

    didn't get Vader Dagobah which is pretty cool I think


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