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    Question POTJ Clearance at TRU?

    I've noticed several peops talking about finding POTJ figs on clearance at TRU. I've scoured all of them around me and they're all still selling POTJ for regular price (except for a glut of deluxe Leias and Amanamanmanamanamanms that just came in).
    I'm wondering if anyone else in SoCal has found POTJ figs on clearance at TRU? I'd love to add a bunch more Tantive Rebs and Imp Officers to my collection, but not at regular price.
    Thanx for any info.
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    I was going to post on this topic yesterday but I forgot.

    I found the deluxe figures discounted at the Orem, UT TRU to $4.99. The regular ones were still $5.99. I find that to be interesting.
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    My TRU has most of the Duros wave (Duros, Ketwol, Tessek, Bespin Security)

    but that's about it.....I think I saw some Battle Droids too.....

    pity I missed out on most of these figures......oh well.....
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