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    Talking Wanna Good Laugh?

    Sure, they're hard to come by today, but given a little time...

    Check this out...

    "What a maroon!"
    "I'm getting too old for this kind of thing"

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    You might as well expect that from a guy with the handle "hotcox"!!

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    I'll sell mine for half of that!!


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    Yeah, I just painted some red on the stump, and the hand.....and voila! instant variant......

    I collect loose figures......variants suck, and Hasbro making variants intentionally sucks.......they can go to hell with their artificial demand.....
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    This stuff only seems to happen around the time the movies come out. I don't recall any rabidness over the purple/flesh legs on Queen Amidala (Theed Invasion).
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    They deny making them intentionally, but they love the tug-o-war that's made when they make the rare runs of variants. I can hear them laughing from here.

    LOL. That makes me laugh. $300.

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    Just how do you guys think variations are intentional? Tell me guys, just how do they do it. Do you think that a factory worker really gives a crap about these toys? Hell they probably get paid by the figure. The more they put out the more they make. This variations is a little different because Lucas probably saw it and said I don't show blood in my films, so My figures should not either. I think 99.99% of variations are errors, on the part of the editor or worker. A good friend of mine was discussing this very same point yesterday and he said " Do you think that a factory worker is going to say, Hey lets not put blood on this one, but put it on this one, or lets not put a saber in this card and I'll put 2 in the other, I think not. Things happen when you produce 100's of thousand figures! Let me tell you Variations don't suck, sometimes figures are improved with variations. Besides, when you have collected everything, it get borning, so collecting variations and errors keep the collection alive. At least thats how I feel.
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    HA! yeah right! if anyone buys that ill have to personally go to their house and laugh in their face
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    He wants $300 fot it and doesn't even show a picture.

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    I clicked the "Ask seller a question" link and typed

    Is this the same one Wal-Mmart is selling for $5.88?

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