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    Question Royal Guard/ Orn Free Taa Question

    Was wondering about this & thought I'd ask.

    Does anyone remember seeing this in the movie??? I can't place where they are in the movie. I'm sure that I am just having a brain freeze at the moment so can anyone freshen my memory??

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Guards are in Palpy's Office, guarding by the door.

    Not sure about Orn free Taa, he's probably seen in the Senate.

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    Orn Free Taa is at the beginning after the attempt on Padme's life. he is in palpy's office when the "loyalists" enter. He is standing behind Bail Organa with a green Twi'lek female.

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    Oh ok. I didn't see Ta anywhere either, and I was wondering where he was.

    The Royal Guards were also at the end when Organa, Palpatine and Amada were watching the clone armies.
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    I did see Orn in all his blueness, but I have to admit to forgetting to look for Royal Guards. I'll be watching for them tonight.

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    I was really hoping to see more of the crimson guards.
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    Just keep looking, you'll see Orn, he's hard to miss, being all fat and blue and all......
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    Finally found Orn. When Palps says the loyalist party has arrived you see big blue fatty behind (one of those bg characters that already have a figure, but what's that, no Riekaan??? WHAT!!!........ anyway, back to the topic.........)

    I still didnt see the guards. They arent next to the door when Palps is talkin to Mace & Yoda (or at least I didnt see em) & I didnt see em on the balcony either. All I noticed in the balcony was (from left to right):

    Greedo lookin guy, Bail Organa, Ree Yees lookin guy, Palps, Mas Amedda, & some guy with a big brown head....

    Please help me! It would be so cool to see em in the movie knowing that they are guarding the Emp in later films!

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    Notice that when Ani is walking through the bar he immediately waves to a girl who smiles back at him. That's Lucas' daughter!
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    I never noticed Orn Free Taa or the Royal Guards either. Though I was really tired and a tad close to the screen. I remember seeing Orn Free Taa in E1 though.
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