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    Rank the Jedi / Sith

    Well, after last night I have to say there are some powerful Force wielders in the saga! Let’s try to rank them from the least powerful to the most …

    10) Anakin – AOTC, damn, he was a wimp!! Very powerful, but too irrational and impulsive.

    9) Luke Skywalker ROTJ

    8) Qui-Gon – Possibly more powerful than this ranking, but he did get wasted by…

    7) Darth Maul – Man, c’mon, he kicked some major butt, and he was very close to being # 6.

    6) Obi-Wan – Well, he finished Darth Maul, even though he was basically beaten by him.

    5) Mace Windu – He was very impressive.

    Now, the big boys…

    4) Count Dooku – Yoda’s apprentice. He dispatched Anakin and Obi-wan in a second and even held his own against Yoda.

    3) Yoda – this was a tough one, after seeing that battle I give him a slight edge over Dooku.

    2) The Emperor – We really have not seen him in action, but he must have been pretty damn powerful to accomplish what he did, no?

    1) Darth Vader ROTJ - well he withstood the Emperor’s attack for long enough to destroy him, and based on how powerful Dooku’s attack was last night, I would say that was no small feat.

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    Well, noone has an opinion on this? I thought this was a good topic.

    Maybe not enough people have seen it yet.

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    10. Anakin

    9. Darth Maul

    8. Mace Windu

    7. Qui-Gon

    6. Obi-Wan

    5. Count Dooku

    4. Vader

    3. Emperor

    2. Luke

    1. Yoda

    (eventually if you follow EU, Luke bascially becomes a god, so he is #1)
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    2) The Emperor – We really have not seen him in action, but he must have been pretty damn powerful to accomplish what he did, no?
    I disagree, intelligent? yes, sneaky? for sure, but damn powerful? I dont think so. Palpatine's power is in his ability to manipulate people and hide like a coward. In other words he took advange of other people's mistakes and blind ambitions.
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    I think Yoda will be defeated by Palpy in Ep III. Why else would he say "don't underestimate the powers of the Emperor?" Sounds like he found out the hard way that the Palpy is pretty good.
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    Crosswiz: Sure, the emperor is purely speculation. I just assume he is super powerful or else Dooku would wind up running the show instead of him.

    Even: How can you put Qui-gon so far ahead of Maul when Maul whipped him bad in a straight up fight? Also, lets just keep this argument focused on the movies. It is MUCH simpler. Then where would you rank Luke?

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    I will compile a list on this, but for now I just wanted to mention, Anakin/Vader in Ep3 will probably turn out to be the biggest BA of them all !

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    10. Darth Maul (Acrobatic Chump)

    9. Luke (GED Jedi, he would've never been able to beat an OR Jedi)

    8. Anakin (On his way, but still much to learn)

    7. Qui-Gon (Good, but apparently not good enough)

    6. Obi-Wan (Almost at his peak)

    5. Count Dooku (Good, but he doesn't 'fence' like he was s'posed to)

    4. Vader (Impressive, Most Impressive)

    3. Mace Windu (One bad Mutha)

    2. Emperor (Good, but not as good as.....)

    1. Yoda (Crazy flippin Muppet Action!)
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    #1 should be John Rassick!

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    Well, isn't it true that the midichloreans are what give individuals strength in the force? And isn't it also true that Vader has the highest counts by far? If so then you must agree that Vader is the most powerful.

    Taichi, How can you put Mace above Vader and Dooku? Mace did not show that much power compared to them. Also, Dooku held his own against the flipping muppet, so how can you have Yoda ranked so much higher than him?


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