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    Surprises in AOTC

    I don't know about you guys but here's what surprised me about AOTC:

    Blue Clonetrooper is IN the final cut. (On Kamino getting the helmets)

    Nemoidian shuttle that we only saw part of in TPM is in the movie too (what Nute and Gilramos escape Geonosis in)

    Orn Free Taa is hardly in it at all.

    Shots of coruscant look exactly like old McQuarrie paintings (Especially the one of the run-down section)

    A LOT of music was from TPM, Yoda's theme when he's lifting the crane.

    Massifs in the tusken camp but no banthas (that I could see)

    Poggle's voice and AsK Aak's voice (wierd)

    The scene where the guard tell Corde they're ready to land.

    The scenes with Padme and the Clones and Yoda and the clones.

    How incredibly HOT Padme looks in that pilot suit.

    How incredibly HOT Padme looks in just about everything else.

    How at time Anakin is JUST like Vader, JUST like how he was in TPM, and JUST like Luke!!!!!!

    How Ewan McGreggor WAS EXACTLY like Alec Guiness in some many scenes. (the elevator scene blew me away)

    I can't remember anythiong else just yet but this movie was awesome, the best SW movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Who is Poggle and Ask Aak?

    It was a great movie -- very exciting indeed. (As was Padme -- she looks good).

    Which elevator scene with Obi-Wan?

    My favorite parts:

    Yoda (even though I chuckled)
    C-3PO's joking around
    Anakin/Padme being led into the arena, kissing. Pretty good moment.
    Any "fun" dialogue between Obi-Wan and Anakin. (I did not like the dialogue when Anakin was being chastized)
    The Jango Fett/Obi-Wan fight.
    Padme in that black S&M outfit by the fireplace. WOW!


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    The whole movie surprised me, I never expected to love it as much as I did.

    Poggle is the Geonosian leader, the only one with lines.

    Aks Aak (sp) is the Malastairian (sp) senator who declares that action must be taken (I can't recall his exact line) when Obi-Wan's message is relayed to Coruscant.

    The elevator scene is the humourous banter exchanged between Ben and Anakin about the Gundarks.

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    Here's some more stuff I just remembered:

    The Hologram of the Battle Field in the Geonosian Command centre.

    The completed and utter coolness of the night shots of the Federation ships on Geonosis.

    Mace cutting of part of the Reek's horn.

    Those huge republic walking cannon things that brought the federation core ship down.

    The sonic boom of Slave I's bombs.
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    I was really surprised to find out that Boba Fett is an unaltered clone of Jango.

    How when Slave-1 comes out of hyperspace and the BOOM hits you right in the chest.

    C-3PO seems a little more sure of himself in this movie. Plus his wise cracking was hilarious! "I'm beside myself!" LOL

    The speed of Yoda! I know ppl have complained about this fight. You know, a muppet vs an 80yr old man. But its right. We all judge Yoda by his size. Why then could he not surprise us and be a real BA!!!!

    I really liked Dooku as a bad guy! I wasn't sure how they were going to pull off an ex-Jedi as a bad guy but it worked. Lee has the manipulation down just right. I hope he comes back in EIII.

    The fact that the Jedi are loosing touch with the Force. That explains why they never sensed Palpy's dark side at Qui-Gon's funeral. Not that he was a clone of Sidious, I always hated that explination. Seemed a little too cheesy. It also explains a little better the "chosen one" and how he will bring "balance" to the Force. I kinda went "ooohhhhhhh!!!!" in the theater then.
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    i had no idea the clones were the good guys! and i loved everything, especially padmes ever falling apart small white shirt
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    I loved this movie. Quite different than what I expected. Hayden did a wonderful job playing Anakin. I really believe now that Ani and Obi were good friends but there was a schism of trust between them. Ani seems so conflicted and he did such a wonderful job with it!

    I think the movie was definatley better than ANH, ROTJ, and TPM. I think it'll take me a few more times to watch it to surpass ESB.

    I don't know where the critics get off saying the acting was bad and the story was bad. I thought it was great. Only Portatoman could have used help this time. JarJar was so bareable this time and actually added to the storyline.

    I just love battle at the end with Yoda in charge. Awesome. Speeder chase. Awesome. I think my favorite part is Boba's evil laughs when they are about to kill someone. Two thumbs up from jawaboy!
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    I didnt see the clones fighting on the side of th Jedi coming, never thoguht that was going to happen.
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    Well, the jedi woulda been way outnumbered if they hadda destroy a clone army AND a droid army....

    imagine what went through Boba's mind (And I hate Boba, btw) as he watched his dad's genetic duplicates helping the very people who killed his dad......

    or for that matter, it raises the question of what went through Vader's mind, as he saw his son shocked with Force Lightning, knowing exactly what it felt like, himself!
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    I just saw the movie again and here's some more cool stuff I forgot to post:

    That droid that pilots Dooku's ship

    The gungan seen in the square in Theed

    The Howard the Duck Jedi is in the movie twice, in the Jedi Temple AND in the arena

    Palpy's lines about how much it would hurt him if Padme was hurt and how he loved democracy and the republic - you can really see the insincerity but none other the other characters can SWEET!!

    The scene with Sidious is reminiscent of the Emperor's arrival in Jedi, and the scene with Palpy and Anakin sent shivers up and down my spine

    Anakin telling Padme about him killing the Tuskens at the camp.

    I still saw no massifs on Geonosis, only in the Tusken Camp.

    The way the Kaminoans walk, the fact that they have teeth, and Taun We's clothes swooshing when her and Obi Wan leave Jango's apartment. The CG is so real it's unbelievable!!
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