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    They receive shipments everyday, but that does not mean that toys are on their shipments on a daily basis.

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    walmarts in toronto

    i've been to a couple of walmarts in toronto and one had absolutely nothing and another one had the taun we wave with jar jar and advice is to goto local comic shops..sure most will over price, but the selection there is usually quite good and you should be able to find a place that's reasonable...i personally goto silver snail and they only charge a couple dollars more.......btw has any1 seen the final battle jango fett??...or the sneak preview one??..those are the only two figures that i want that i haven't been able to locate...thx for your help...~

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    How much do basic figures go for at Silver Snail? Im in the area so one day i will go with some friends downtown to check it out.

    And concerning the final battle version of Jango it will come out i think June 7th (or at least that was what i was told), that along with the Mace Windu (rescue) and Bespin Luke and Vadar.

    By June 20th everything should be out.

    I hope this information is accurate as i need the new figs to complete my set.

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    My search began on Friday, I managed to pick up all the figures I wanted with the exception of Mace Windu, I could not find him in the entire Niagara Region. I picked up not 1,2, but 3 Yodas, what a score! Need a Windu though. I am finding that the TRU in St. Kitts is loaded, but with common guys, Wal Marts have been pretty good, with Zellers being the absolute worst (except Niag. Falls which had like 6 Jangos left for some reason).

    Royal Guard, Shaak Ti, Luminara, Yoda, Dooku, Boba, Jango, and Mace are definately the hard ones to get.

    Conversely, Battle Droids, 3PO's, and all male Jedi Knights are overly abundant. Anybody else from the area find other things? Let me know.

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    What you see is what you get basically. New waves include;

    Collection 1 - Yoda, Dooku and Hangar Duel Anakin

    Collection 2 - Luminara Unduli, Taun We and Royal Guard

    With those 6 that brings the Canadian total to 28. The next 4 should be out soon. (Jango, Mace, Luke and Vader) Maybe I'll leave one for you...

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    cujo fett which walmart did you goto???....i went to the walmart on warden and eglinton and they had none of the wave you were referring to......had the genoshan warrior and dex, but that was about for the idea in choosing walmart over TRU, i don't know about that since sure TRU might be over stocked in the figures that no one want, but frequently(the times i've gone anyhow) they have the rarer figures located at the front where you can see them(dooku, yoda, r2, anakin hangar etc)....oh that reminds me, the TRU at cederbrae also got the taun we wave, but BLAST no royal imperial guards >_<....damn you army builders!!! =P

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    odd...i thought i replied to your message earlier but it's gone now..anyhow, the basic figures at silver snail go for 12.99(AOTC), but it seems that you might be able to find the figures they have elsewhere..i was there a couple weeks ago and all they had was the royal guard, qui gon jinn and the endor rebel're drawing card to this store should be the older figures that they have....they have a whole wall full of the green and red carded figures..i'm assuming it's all of them and they sell for 14.99 i believe.....hope this is of help...

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    Yea thx for the tip.

    All i need is R2 (to complete my ATOC set as of right now) cause he is long gone over here.
    "Necessity is the mother of invention" - MGS2

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    sir fanboy:

    don't mention it...where in canada ar you located b\c i've seen some r2s scattered around some trus around here in toronto...

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    Fett, im in the Sauga area...

    Only about a 20 min drive downtown and i was thinking of hitting T dot O anyways.

    Do you know where the R2's are located at which TRU(s)?

    "Necessity is the mother of invention" - MGS2


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