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    sir fan boy

    hey..the tru's i saw the r2's at were the one at cedarbrae mall and the one on steeles and yonge on hilda street......not sure if they're going to have anymore since i only saw one there, but i'm sure if you keep looking around you'll be able to find one somewhere......the one at cedarbrae mall seems to have the largest selection and assortment of figures and they seem to reload every take that bit of advice..sorry i can't be of more help.DOH..i should have bought two when i had the chance...

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    np and thx for the tip gonna check it out maybe this weekend if i have time.
    "Necessity is the mother of invention" - MGS2

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    Here in SC, the TRU has just about everything as of yesterday. Yoda, royal guard, luminara, taun we.
    Jango final wave nowhere here yet, maybe I'll check the scalpers today....
    Oh, and there's lots of R2's there.
    BTW- I met a smallish red haired dude in WM west here in town and told him to come here(me-nutty looking freak w/long hair on a bike)- Are you here now?? There's a few names I don't recognise here, just wanted to know if you're one of them..... WOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Man I miss Ontario. Yous guys got it good! My parents have been doing a little shopping for me, but Northern BC sucks the worst a s s when it comes to stuff like this. My Zellers has 2 figures left - one Dex and one JarJar!! How do you like that?? The toy mgr has "no idea" IF and or WHEN we'll be getting any more. Period. Tabernac....

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    mabudon, how many Yodas and Royal Guards did they have?

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    If memory serves me right, they had plenty of dookus and anakins, and at least a couple pf yodas. The walmart in the east (welland ave by white rose) has had them off and on too. Hope that helps!!!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Hey mabudon
    I sent you an e-mail

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    lo and behold....went to a local walmart today and found all of the dooku wave......couple of each....even 2 from my experience it seems that r2 is the hardest figure to find out for the bespin wave..nowhere to be found just yet, but i feel that's it going to be here soon...

    sir fan boy you ever get that bespin vader???

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    Fett where do you live?

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    toronto....the big smoke....the aye carumba........went to two tru's today and clone trooper..//


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