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    The Loblaws near my house has a couple Royal Guards and at least one Yoda that I saw.

    (that's Ottawa in case you were wondering)
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    Hiya Bill, I'm in ottawa too! what Loblaws are you talking about?

    PS- The comic shop on Merivale has Yoda, and all the EP2 stuff, but I got the last R2.
    Everybody have fun tonite. Everybody Wang Chung tonite.

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    Hey Wickett,

    Welcome to the forums

    It's the huge Loblaws on Vanier Parkway, apparently this is the only Loblaws in town selling figures according to what I've heard.

    PM me sometime if you have any other questions...
    [font=verdana]Madness take its toll. Please have exact change[/font]
    [font=verdana]Life's short and hard like a bodybuilding elf... - Blood Hound Gang [/font]
    I'm a trendy tote bag!

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    WM restocked

    Place D'Orleans in Ottawa has the new Bespin stuff, Jango, and Obi pilot. Pretty good stock as of Wednesday noon.
    Everybody have fun tonite. Everybody Wang Chung tonite.

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    nothing and zlicho here in toronto....i got another topic to raise in the it just me or do the people that work in walmart know absolutely nothing???.....whenever i call them they give me some half-caring remark about them not having or expecting any new star wars stuff and when I go there, I almost always see about crappy customer service!!! how hard is it to walk 10 feet and check??...i always give specific figures as well and it's not like i'm asking them to search all of them....

    to further clarify this point, today upon learning that the saint johns walmart got the bespin i called a local walmart and GEEZ..the damn idiot didn't even know how to connect me to the toy dept and another person said to try the store manager....!!!#!@@#!...messed r us is a lil bit better, but they don't get anything until after walmart does...and least they know when they get their star wars stuff unlike the walmart ppz that just say chk again tmr...morons!!!!

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    Now granted, their most important priority isn't to find you all the newest figures fresh off the truck, but I agree with you, they are so useless. The other day I asked a guy if he had more in the back room (the shelves were sparse). I waited about 15 minutes and that was it. I continued to shop in another dept. and I then I spotted the guy. He made no effort to tell me anything. I guess he just went out back for a butt or something. They are just too much, the most useless out of any toy stores. By the way TRU are the best. Those guys always let me go thru cases that are in the back! Not bad.

  7. #47's a shame really..i got agree with you on TRU.....very friendly and they actually know something about star wars...i asked a guy awhile ago about an r2 and he said he had one in the back and he got it for yah...TRU rocks!!

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    Actually Fett, WM isn't so bad. You gotta call around lunch time, that's when the manager's there. She said she ordered 12 cases of Assortments 1 and 2. Hopfully Luke will be there.

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    12???...yah, a couple of people told me to call earlier when the manager is in..i guess i'll try that tmr..thx for the tip....

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    The Endor Raid Wave has hit Wallmart in Saint John, N.B.


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