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    Talking walmart restocked with new waves

    they have yoda, dooku, hangar anakin, taun we, royal guard, luminara, plus more jar jar wave
    -found in kitchener, ont.

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    The same was found here in Ottawa Wal-marts.
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    They had Royal Guards, Taun Wes and Luminaras @ Oakville Wal-Mart but no Dooku, Yoda, Zam, etc.

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    Walmart in Mississauga has also just restocked with the new wave. I picked up everything so if anyone wants anything via (Dooku, Yoda, Taun We, Royal Guards etc...), Walmart has mass quantities while they last. Gl toy huntin'.

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    i really hope you all have found a red clone trooper cause its the best toy out there right now
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    i agree the red clone trooper is a really well done figure
    the poses are endless!!!
    i think any generic soldier (snowtroopers\stormtroopers\rebel hoth ) should all be done with plenty of articulation
    that way when you buy more than one , they each have a unique look

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    I have 5 of the red clone troopers and it sure aint my favorite figure. The foot action thing there sucks, why cnat they just make troopers stand like the commtech stormtrooper and that way we can do what we want with them instead of them pre posing them. And why did it come wiht a rock??? No idea

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    Same here (taun we, hangar duel, royal guard, all at walmart).
    TRU has the hangar duel (here in St.C) wave, no taun we that I saw. Both have kinda put some OP anakins away to get more good figs (geo warrior, dex, Clonetroops) out.
    PS- wanna see the BEST pose for the red CT?? Check out my pic in "power of the STANSE" in general discussion. I made the props and shot it in my yard. He is an AWESOME figure, I must agree.
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    They had the Luminara and Dooku waves at Walmart in Saint John, NB today. Too bad I had already bought them all on-line. Patience I must learn. I piked up 2 extra Royal Guards though. I now have the 6 I wanted. They had 2 Dookus and TONS of red Clonetroopers. There were a few HD Anakins too but only one Yoda from what I could tell. Good to see we're getting more stuff. I think this is it though.
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    Found Count Dooku wave at Walmart in Saint John,
    New Brunswick Canada. Picked up 2 Dooku's, 1 Yoda, 1 Clonetrooper, 1 Anakin Hanger Duel. 6 Dooku's and tons of the other figures were still there when I left.


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