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    Put me down for one!!!

    I wish I could get to the SC meeting...

    Is it ok if I give you the money at the December IK meeting?
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    Speaking of the 12" Dewback, TRU in Castleton has about twenty of them and they ARE price at $29.99. Picked up mine 2day. I live about two minutes from there if anybody is interested or can't make it up themselves.

    They also had the Bacta Tank Luke and Darth Maul with Attack Droid along with some figures I hadn't seen around alot.


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    That will be fine Incom4!

    Nice to meet you Jay. The Greenwood TRU stillhas the Dewbacks for $79. I do not need one. I got mine from when they were $29. a few months ago. But I will let people kow about the Castleton store.

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Whats up everybody?? Happy thanksgiving to everyone. I must say that I am thankful to have met everybody and to be a part of such great clubs, the IK and the Sith Council!! So thats what I am thankful this year! Last night I ran into TaunTaun. He said that he has been really busy of late so thats why he hasnt made it. He said that is going to try to make them again, plus the IK if possible. He is still very interested in doing some volunteer work for the celebration.

    Other news, there is a IK's christmas party Dec. 16 in the Damevarien rooom! Its a pitch in, so bring your fav dish. It starts at 3 I believe, and family is welcomed!!!

    Hey Boba binks, on the Force lighting Emperor, what card was that, freeze frame, commtech etc.? I couldnt remember, and I am going to hunt for one down on the web. Well that wraps up my news for now!
    Everybody have a fun holiday and may the force be with you christmas shopping!

    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    There are actually three different force lightning Emperor's.

    #1 - The one that I needed but just found was the Flashback version. I got him off of e-bay for $4.00 plus $3.00 shipping. NOT BAD! It was a new scult with legs. A nice figure for the time.

    #2 - This version was from the Toys-R-Us Millennium Mint Coin figures that they had back in 1997 or 1998 I believe. This version was basically the regular Empror with lightning.

    #3 - was the deluxe figure with light up Lightning bolts that came out in 1996 or 1997. TRU stores had lots of them last year during the Star Wars blow out sale they had.

    So how is going to go to the December Indy Knights meeting? I am going. It is at Karens house this time. She lives off of I-465 right behind the Dennys and Bob Evans.
    Then I believe after that they will be at our Sith Council metting spot. More room for the bunch.

    Still not sure if I can make the IK Christmas party.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Hello? Anyone out there?

    Well, just thought I would let you know if you are looking for older POTF2 figures the K-Mart in Greenwood had a Tie Fighter for $4.99. I picked it up in a heart beat!
    Also they had a few of the older figures like He-Man Luke, Monkey Leia, Vader, none of them with good variations. They were all on water damaged cards but if you are looing for them to open, why not?

    Well, talk to you later.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Hey I am here!! Wassup Binks???

    Cool find on the TIEs!! Was there any left? If so I might pick up a couple!! Did you ever get your FX-7 wave?? I ended up emailing Bowman enterprises and traded the Lando (thank you again) for FX-7. I hope to get that soon. Also, I auctioned for a Emperor, the one I was looking for. So far, I have him for dirt cheap, I dont think I will beat your price, but I will be somewhat close!!

    One more thing, Boba Binks, have you checked out Phillip Wise has posted pics of his display, and they look swwwweeeeetttt!!! Check them out and see what I am talking about! However, I am still in awe over your displays!!! Believe me everyone, Boba binks has ONE HELL of a display for his figs. It will totally blow you away!! I know that it did for me and some other guys!
    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    Hey binks, I was going to send a pm through ssg, but they said that I cant because you are not allowed!!??? Whats up?
    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    Binks I have more fer ya!! Check out the videogames forums here, somebody has posted the extra ships you can play as, and how you get them!!!
    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    Yeah I saw Phillips collection. If I had a place where I could turna big room into a museum I would. Believe you me!
    My jaw hit the ground when I saw the pictures. I wonder how he got some of te stuff that is in his collection. WOW!

    No the K-Mart only had one POTF2 Tie Fighters. I wish they had more. They probably still have some of the figures left.

    I will have to check out the video game thread.

    As for PM I guess I do not have that set up. I will have to change that.

    Well, I will talk to you later.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.


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