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    Thank you!
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Great meeting tonight! I was kind of surprised how long it went. But I had fun. It was nice to meet our new members Jeff and his wife (sorry I forgot your name).
    Hopefully everyone will get onto these forums and post during the week. So we can keep in contact.
    Well, talk to you later.
    May The Force Be With You!
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Hey all! Great meeting tonight!! Again welcome to our new members!! I hope you enjoyed our company and attend the next meeting. Thanks again to Boba Binks for the trade. I am soooo stoked about our roadtrip!! Talk to everyone soon.

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    Thumbs up

    Hi all,

    It was nice meeting you all today. Oh, and my wife's name is Jessica. The roadtrip would be cool, but my schedule tends to need to be flexible so I'll let you guys hammer out the details, then see if I can go. But, my wife and I would love to go if we can work it out. Keep me posted.

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    Whats up everyone!!! Everything cool??? I want to update everyone as to where we stand. First, I have taken over building our website. I started one on earthlink, however I was limited to what I can do there. Therefore I am building a new one on Geocities. What I need from everyone, is pictures!!! Currently, I dont have a scanner, but I am working on getting one. I hope to have one, maybe by next week. I am going to put some overtime on this, so that at least by the next meeting our site will be up and running. I will try to do the best I can with it. I am getting help from Boba binks, the guy is great isnt he!! On to other news...I was looking at the calender, and how does September 22 or 23 sound for the Smithsonian show??? I like to hear what everybody schedule is so that way we can plan for this.
    Oh hey welcome TaunTaun and it was a pleasure having you at our meeting!! I hope that you and your wife enjoyed yourselves!! I know that we would love to have you back if you want to continue coming back!

    Well, a baby is crying......time for some more Nite Quil for her!!! JUST KIDDING!

    peace everyone!
    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    That weekend is great for me! Thanks for the hard work on the website guys!! I'll work on some pictures this weekend. I'll be in touch soon. MTFBWY

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    The 22nd or 23rd is fine by me. I printed off some information about the event, location, cost, ect and gave it to toymanIN.
    The info that I got said to get tickets at least one week in advanced to have them delivered in time. It also says that weekends are very busy, so we will have to keep that in mind. But I do not care about crowds as long as we get to have some fun.
    Whatever day the group decided, I will work it into my schedule.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    The 23rd is best for me right now. I will be going on nights for the month of September and if we go on a Saturday, I will have had no sleep at all. Is Sunday, the 23rd fine by everyone else? According to the info sheets provided by Bobabinks, the exhibit is open from 11 till 5 on Sunday. That is more than enough time to get through the entire exhibit plus the SW gift shop (if they have one, the sheets didn't say). Parking at the Museum is $2 and admission is free. Although we will have to pay the fee of $10 for a self guided tour or $15 for the audio tour. If we can get a group of at least 10 to go the price is cheaper- $7.50 per person. Photography and video cameras without video lights are permitted in the exhibit as well. Let's all try and have our money ready by the next meeting so we can appoint a point person to order the tickets for us. We can also discuss driving and time issues at the next meeting. BaldEwok, do you need digital pics for the website? I'm really excited about our first road trip! I think I'm going to videotape it this time. There's so much stuff to see there!

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    Sunday would be fine for me too. As long as we are back Sunday night. I have classes on Monday mornings.

    I noticed that this thread has been viewed many times. I wish more people would post.

    Talk to you later.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Today on the internet site I entered in the information to get to the Toledo Museum of Art (so we can go see the Magic of Myth Exhibit.) I used my house as a starting point.
    I live near the airport so this might be a little different for the rest of you.

    According to the site informaion to get to the Museum from my house it is 235.00 miles and the total estimated time is 5 hours, 17 minutes. So lets round that to 5 hours and 30 minutes of driving, not including any stops along the way.
    So when we go, we will have to leave early to have time to see the exhibit, eat, get fuel, ect.

    It looks like most of us are saying Sunday is the best day to go. I do not care what day it is, I can make time to go except on Mondays and Wednesdays when I have classes. Any other day I can take off of work and do whatever.

    So at the next meeting I guess we can discuss this and see what everyone thinks.

    At the next meeting, (if everything works out) I am going to bring my friend Nancy. She is my friend who used to work for Kenner. She did some sculpting on Star Wars toys. I know she worked on the Hoth Rebel Commander, Wicket the Ewok, The Rancor, and some others.
    She has all kinds of information. You just have to ask.
    She also did other lines like Strawberry Shortcake, Aliens (She still has the sulpt she did of the queen alien that was never released, very cool!), Garfiled at Paws, and many more.
    Too bad I did not know here before she got rid of all her wax sculpts, prototypes, hard copies, ect. from the Star Wars line. She still feels sorry that she gave it to one of her other friends. She had two of the Prototype Rocket Firing Boba Fetts!
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.


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