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    Hi all,

    So far that particular Sunday looks good for me. My wife isn't so sure, so I may be flying solo to Ohio.

    I look forward to meeting your friend, Binks. Seems like a pretty cool job she has there. Hopefully she can bring pictures of the prototypes? I kind of have a fondness on seeing the original ideas an artist as and how they change due to various influences (story, corporate or fans).

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    OK everybody, I have some BIG news that I need all of you to respond to right away. Over the weekend, by chance or the will of the force, I happened to meet the president of the Indy Knights. Let me just say that he is a hell of a guy and is willing to welcome our group with open arms into their group. We shared our ideas and thoughts on each others groups as well as talked about the future of Star Wars here in Indy. Let me just say that they have some VERY EXCITING things going on now and in the future. We have all been invited to their next meeting at 7PM this Wednesday night at his house. If any of you can come please e-mail me right away and I'll get you directions. I would love for all of us to be able to attend this turning point for our group. If you want more info on their group check out or you can read their forums on under the fan force section.

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    Hello fellow collectors,

    My name is Ron and Iam the president of the Indy Knights. I want to personally invite you to the Indy Knights meeting on Wend. September 5 at 7pm. I e-mailed toymanIN the directions. This is a very exciting time for our group. We currently have 20 active members that attend the meeting regularly and another 10 members who live outside of the city and cannot always attend. I and the other members look forward to meeting all of you and hope you will want to join the two groups. Our current members age ranges from 18 to 37. There are collectors, EU readers, Strick Canon, RPG, CCG and costumers in our group. We look forward to seeing you Wend. September 5.

    Predident of the Indy Knight "Hoosier Daddy, Luke?"

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    I would like to see what this meeting has to offer. If I can make it, I will be there.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Just thinking of our upcoming trip we are trying to put together. Here are some good days of Star Wars intrest:

    Saturday, September 22
    Star Wars: Visual Effects and Industrial Light & Magic Paul Huston, Digital Artist, ILM
    1 p.m., Little Theater
    $5 Members, $6 Seniors/Students, $7 Nonmembers
    Space limited. For tickets, call 419-243-7000 or 888-763-7486

    Friday, September 30
    Hero Mythology in Art and Popular Culture Jeffrey Brown, Professor of Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University
    1 p.m., Little Theater
    Dr. Brown presents an overview of heroic themes shared in both classic art and popular culture from Hercules to Harry Potter. Using the Museumís adjunct exhibition to Star Wars: The Magic of Myth as well as other examples, he will describe the enduring appeal of heroic legends.
    Free lecture

    Sunday, October 7
    Star Wars and Its Impact on Popular Culture Steve Sansweet,author and director of content management and fan relations for Lucasfilm
    1 p.m., Little Theater
    Booksigning following lecture
    $5 Members, $6 Seniors/Students, $7 Nonmembers
    Space limited

    Sunday, October 28
    Halloween Fantasy 1-4 p.m.
    Annual TMA Halloween family day. Come in your favorite hero costume. Enjoy hands-on activities and the exhibition Star Wars: The Magic of Myth.

    Sunday, November 4
    The Archaeology of Star Wars David West Reynolds, author and archaeologist who rediscovered the site in Tunisia where the first Star Wars film was made.
    1 p.m., Little Theater
    Book signing following lecture
    $5 Members, $6 Seniors/Students, $7 Nonmembers; Space limited
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Hey whats up everyone!! Man o' man I have missed out on a lot!! I lost my phone service due to the weather on 8-30-01. Therefore, I couldnt call or check the net!! If you called my house and got a busy signal or whatever, I apologize for the incovience. Believe me, it was hello going without a phone for 7 days. But I am back now!! Okay about the indy knights meeting, I can not do it. I have to work at night so that puts me out. Its too bad, I would have like to meet some more people. Unfortuantely thats the way things work out. So it looks like the 23 is our date for the ohio trip??!! thats cool! Well I have to go to work!! take care everyone!!

    PS toyman dont worry about the figs, I found a website that had them, and I ordered them. I appreciate you keeping an eye out for them! Still looking for a bwing though!

    The bald ewok
    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    toymanIN, mastervader, and myself attended the Indy Knights meeting last night. I can say it was a real treat to see so many Star Wars fans in one apartment. It was very entertaining and informational. We learned alot of stuff!

    I can say that this group is very well organized and have open arms to allow our group to join in as a sub group from theirs for larger matters. But the decision is up to toymanIN since he is our leader.

    If you did not attened the meeting, on Monday toymanIN, mastervader, and myself can fill you in.

    Thank you Indy Kngihts for alowing us to come. I am looking foward to the next meeting and creating my own Indy Knights lightsaber.

    May The Force Be With You!
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    I to would like to thank the Indy Knights for letting the Sith invade their meeting last night. Great group of people, with great enthusiasium and love for the Star Wars Universe. I am looking foward to having some of their members join us at our next meeting on Monday.

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    I will be at the meeting on Monday and so will Xizor and JedimasterDan. The last IK meeting was "buisness busy" and there was not alot of collector chat time. I look forward to sitting down with you guys and talking on Monday.

    See you then

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    I too would like to thank the IK's for letting us join them in their meeting this past Wednesday. Sorry I had to rush out like that, I am now working nights at TRU (only for a month) which kind of puts my personal life in a bind at times. I am looking forward to hosting other members this coming Monday night and am all for our group joing the IK's as a subgroup. We will put it to a vote at the next meeting. Until then, MTFBWY.


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