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    Great meeting guys! I really has a great time. I would like to say thanks to Boba Binks for bringing his friend. It was very interesting to here about the inner workings of Kenner.

    The first lightsaber club meeting is this Saturday the 15 please check here .Lightsaber club

    Thanks to MasterVader for the trades and I will have your other items this week.

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    Indy Knights

    I just wanted to say thanks to the Indy Knights for their gracious visit to our humble club. It was entertaining and informative to have them to be a part of us. They are very good people and definetaly would be very very good friends. I would love to go to a IK meeting, however I need a schedule of events that take place. Our next sith council meeting will take place in the Max Kade room. Which is located on the first floor inside the building. Thanks again to the Indy Knights!

    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    What door do we go through for the next meeting? Front, back, ect.
    Nancy said she had a wonderful time talkiing to the group. She told me to tell everyone that she is sorry it took so long. She did not mean to talk so much. But since everyone was asking question I told her it was fine.

    So who is getting the ticket for theMagic of Myth in Toledo? We need to get that person the money so he / she an get the tickets by this week or it might be to late to get them in the mail.
    I think you can call the museum and buy tickets a day in advance and they will hold them until we get there.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Hey guys,

    Just got back from Super Target on Southport road. I was hoping to find another Shimi set but insted they now have Vader Emperors Wrath, Solo Death Star Escape and Luke X-wing. They had a total of 6 sets I picked up two so there are 4 left.

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    If anyone is planning on attending the Sith Council - Toledo Trip to the Magic of Myth exhibit this Sunday (Sept. 30, 2001)... PLEASE E-MAIL BRAD (toymanIN) to let him know how many tickets to get held.
    Now, all we need is someone with a credit card to hold the tickets for us at the door. All that attend wll all give this person money for the cost of the tickets.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Well, I had fun Sunday going to Toledo and stoping at all the Wal-Marts on the way back.
    The Strom was neat but very rough.
    We need to do another road trip in the future.
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Sorry guys for not getting a hold of anyone. Unfortunately work pretty much had me to a stand still. I am still trying to catch up with last week and weekend. HEY very impt news!! We are meeting in one of the rooms. Its on the first floor, in the anthenuem. To get to the room, you have to go to the front of the building, to the rathskeller canopy. There is an elevator, take to the 1st floor. After exiiting, make a right and there is a long hallway, are room is located on the right. Currently it is being remodeled so bear with it for now. Just in case nobody gets this quick enough, I will be outside for a bit. If anybody knows of the indy knights appearing, let them know were we are meeting!

    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    Nevermind, I take that back about that room. We are meeting in the big room! I guess there was an emergency with the room upstairs, therefore we are meeting in the Kellersal. If you go into the garden, and walk to the bar (green door) and go down the stairs, the ballroom sits on the other side of the bar. You really cant miss it, because its a huge room. Once again, I will be outside, so I will direct people as they come in!
    "Luke, join the dark side, it's so wizard!"

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    Thannks for the update.
    See you tonight!
    Boba Binks - The most feared Bounty on Naboo.

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    Sorry I missed the meeting. I have a sick child to take of. Talk to all of you soon.


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