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    how episode 2 could of been better

    i watched episode 2 again today, and i liked it better than my first viewing last night. overall, it was a quality film, but some things i had real problems with. here is what i would of liked to see:

    1. anakin and padme should of been secretly seeing each other romantically for the last few years. it would of made their marriage more believable, and put anakin's rants in a proper context.

    2. jango fett, like darth maul was vastly underused. his fight with obi wan should of been a lot longer. they should of beat the crap out of each other, like neo and agent smith from the martix did, without the slo-mo stuff.

    3. when padme fell out of the republic gunship, anakin should of physically tried to force the clone trooper to go back for her, resulting in a physical scuffle between anakin and obi-wan. while anakin is choking obi-wan, obi-wan would threaten him with dismissal, thus setting up the bad blood between the two for the next film.

    4. the duel between anakin, obi-wan and dooku should of gone on a lot longer, and topped the episode 1 saber duel, and mace, not yoda would of been a more believable opponent for dooku, even if it meant mace was killed.
    it was obvious lucas filmed a lot more of the duel, because after obi-wan lands a few blows against dooku, dooku expresses his disapointment in obi-wan's skills. this is something he would of said after fighting for a while, not when they just begin.

    5. at the end of the film, instead of marrying in secret, anakin leaves the jedi order to marry padme, and openly sides with palpatine and accepts a military position in palpatine's army.
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    I don't see how it could've been better, it's the best Star Wars film in my opinion anyway.

    More scenes with Dooku would've been nice though, but I'm sure he'll be in the DVD cut scenes, hopefully the Trial scene will be on it.

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    I agree with the points you've made (especially about Anakin leaving the Jedi order to marry Padme) but I disagree about the quality of the lightsaber duel at the end. I actually liked the fact that it was not as flashy as the Ep 1 duel, simply because it has to fit into the context of the full six films. If Lucas keeps upping the ante in terms of lightsaber theatrics, it's going to make the already-lame duel between old Obi and Darth in ANH look even worse. I was afraid Lucas would give somebody Lightsaber nunchucks or some-such. I think Lucas is just trying to keep everything on an equal footing. Also, if you notice the duel between Anakin and Dooku looks pretty ferocious, but it's shot in medium- to close-up most of the time--gotta remember, Christopher Lee is pushing 80, so the fight could only be just so dynamic without looking silly. Then again, you've got a 2-foot tall Yoda tearing the place up, so who's to say what looks silly! I dug it either way...
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    Y'know I've been thinking about Jango. He DID get pummeled quite a bit by the Reek, that would cause anyone (armor or no) to be a little groggy I'm sure. Granted he was somehow able to still blast poor Reeky in the face.

    Still probably an easier target than a fast moving Jedi. *shrugs* no matter, it was a dang cool death nontheless.

    As for everything else, oddly, I have to disagree. Nothing against you of course.
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    Clones could have been a lot better if there had been a whole lot less cheese. I like cheese on my pizza, not in my movies.
    I would have liked to have seen all the battles a little more greusome, a few bruises, some blood, a little sweat, some dirt, like Luke at the end of Empire. Everything was real clean, like a fifties Western almost.
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    it was perfect. yep, perfect.

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    I think that Jango's Death was about right. It seems those Fetts have a way of getting killed in a lame way (if Boba truley did die at the mouth of the Sarlacc, but that's another story). Remeber they are and never where the main characters so, they aren't going to get the prime screen time. They are there to serve a purpose. No matter how popular they are and will be.

    GL doesn't like the blood and guts we have come to take for granted in resent years. It's just not his style. Besdises a blaster and or lightsaber doesen't tear or make the skin bleed like a bullet or sword. They burn and thus not much blood.

    Anakin hiding his marrage will be the reson he leaves or gets kicked out of the Jedi Order. He will probally be made to sever his ties with Padme, and this will anger him even more. You wanted this plot line in
    AOTC, but I think that will be the major plot line in EP III.

    I do not think that the saber fight between Vader and Obi Wan in ANH is weak. It is something that we do not understand yet. It was not supposed to be all flashy like Darth Maul. It was more of a Dance. Something that had to happen, in order to come full circle.

    The dual at the end with Dooku was perfect. Dooku is more powerful than we know. So, not even Obi Wan could defet him. Plus, Ani jumped the gun and caused the whole fight to go down hill. Yoda was a logical choice becasue he is the most powerful Jedi, and Obi Wan says that he is the best swordsman. Plus, we have waited 22 years to find out why Yoda is so powerful. I think we know now.
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    Personally, I think a bounty hunter fighting one of the most powerful Jedi Masters in a long drawn out fight would have been ridiculous. I mean, he alreay made Obi-Wan look bad. I think making it longer would have made Mace look weaker.
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