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    It sure is sad seeing Anakin give in to the dark side.

    You can really see the conflictions going on inside of him. It is so sad to see him start giving in to hate. The way he took revenge on the Tuskens was horrible.

    Hayden did an excellent job in AOTC. I could really sense the pain Anakin was going through. It's good to know that in the end Anakin redeems himself though. Whew.

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    Yeah, though I don't like the way he treats Obi-Wan, I don't believe Obi-Wan is actually jealous of him.

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    I thought it was excellant. The wrath he bestowed apon those unfortunate Sand People was one of my favorite parts of the movie. If only we could have seen more, maybe the women and the children.

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    Obi-Wan was kind of hard on him, plus the flying body parts are really cool. If Sand People killed my mother, I'd do the same.
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    Anyone else feel a few tears coming on as Shmi died?

    Or am I just a softy? :P

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    Originally posted by Darth-AWT
    Anyone else feel a few tears coming on as Shmi died?
    No but the guy next to me was wiping tears away during the Anakin/Padme execution cart scene. He was an older man, who walked on those arm braces you see people with, which made me kind of sad It was really cool, though, to see like, a senior citizen even come to a Star Wars movie, let alone cry at a particular scene.

    It was sickeningly fascinating to watch the beginning of Anakin's descent. It's cool because, it's not like he went to the dark side because he was a spoiled little baby that didn't get what he wanted from the Jedi, it's more like the situations presented themselves to him. One could watch what he went through and totally understand losing all reason, after what happened with his mom, and what's going to happen in E3...

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    "I killed them all, not just the men. The women and children too."
    Jeez Ani, how do you really feel about tusken raiders?

    That part creeped the crap out of me. Thinking of Anakin with his saber through the chest of a five year old . . . "Dangerous and disturbing!"
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    It's sick.

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    yeah, my mom doesnt even want to go to ep3 cause she doesnt want to see him was kinda cool but kinda sick in the tusken raider scene
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    The sick thing to me, was how he said he just killed 30 women and children......and Padme just patted him on the head like he admitted to stealing a candy bar.
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