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    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    We have to ask ourselves three questions,
    1) who stood to benefit most from stealing Maul's saber?
    2) who had the motive and ability to remove it?
    3) who wrote the book of love?
    1) Me.
    2) Me. (Who am i kidding. I kill for fun )
    3) I wrote it. (I'd like you to try to prove me wrong.)

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    It falls down the pit. Any of you who have the Darth Vader, Maul 12inch 2-pack can easily see it. Look on the backing behind maul...the saber can barely be seen, I believe if you look where the toy sabers are twisty tied down, you should see an odd shadowy looking shape. I think thats it.
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    I was always under the impression that it had fallen on the floor. I thought there was a clattering sound after it was damaged- I could be mistaken. I think, in an EU kinda way, that the lightsaber was the proof they needed to identify Maul as a Sith. If I remember correctly, the Sith construct their lightsabers in a different fashion from the Jedi. That would be the tell-tale sign... no?

    That's my take on it. Maybe 'cos I'm so damned EU sometimes.
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    JP, that doesn't sound right because Lucas specifically had them change Mace Windu's saber hilt to look like Maul's, which then tied in to some EU which said that Windu traded sabers with Eeth Koth (the Zabrak Jedi Council Member).
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