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    Implications of AOTC on the EU *SPOILERS*

    What things in AOTC did you guys notice that will mess up the expanded universe stuff. Obviously, the origin of the Death Star has been significantly altered, as well as the lightsaber colors which I brought up in another thread. Anything else?
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    It doesn't mess up any of the EU, as the movies are the only official canon. The movies and Holonet News...because it's written, controlled, and run 100% by Lucasfilm. If the EU does not fit in the official canon, then no big deal. They are only expanded stories, and not part of the true official timeline.

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    Guess what? I know that. If you don't like the EU thats fine. Some of us enjoy trying to fit it in with the movies whether it's canon or not. Lucas can do whatever he wants since its his baby, but that doesn't change the fact that the EU exists. If you have such a dismissive attitude about it, why would you waste your time viewing an EU thread anyway?
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    Lightsabers--they seem to be pretty commonly destroyed. Folks just built better ones.

    Death Star--Raith had the idea initial, who gave it to Tarkin, who gave it to Palpatine, who gave it to Dooku and the Geonosians to design. The Battle of Geonosis delayed plans significantly. Tarkin took what was developed by the Geonosians, had Bevel Lemelisk perfect them and draw up detailed schematics, and it was built in the Maw Installation.

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    I agree. It works for me!
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    Palpatine to Anakin quote: "So, they finally gave you a mission." Kinda ruins the entire Jedi Quest series, doesn't it?

    Obviously all the Owen Lars/Obi-Wan Kenobi relationships.

    Mandalorian armor? Was there ever such a thing, now?
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    The Jango Fett comic totally redoes the Mandalorian storyline and even reworks the Jaster Mereel conflict (supposedly Boba's real name, now possibly an alias he uses when he goes to Concorde Dawn) into the new storyline. Pretty cool.

    Palaptine is referring to Anakin getting a SOLO mission. All his others were with Obi Wan (so far). Even the mission in the novel The Approaching Storm is referenced in the movie when Mace says "Obi Wan has just returned from a border dispute on Ansion."

    I think the DS continuity is going to get tossed out the window and Naboo will suffer in Episode III just as Alderaan did in IV.
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    Isn't Owen suppose to be the half brother or brother of Obi-Wan?

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    Originally posted by chaerulez
    Isn't Owen suppose to be the half brother or brother of Obi-Wan?
    That was the established story, chaerulez, but if you haven't seen AOTC yet, I'll refrain from telling you what that film clarifies. Well, this IS a spoiler thread, so I can say it: Owen Lars in Anakin's step-brother.

    EP, after I saw AOTC a second time, I realized that his "first solo mission" was mentioned.

    Remember one of the "Tales of the Jedi" stories where Mandalore was an actual character with a face or helmet that looked like Fett's helmet? Wonder if that's dead now.

    The burns on Obi-Wan after fighting Dooku seemed to have blood; this lightsabers-caturize-wounds thing is not consistent.
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    Tuskens. . . oh boy.

    Do different tribes have different social standings for women and children?

    Is the "indistinguishable gender" thing a sort of defense the Tuskens come up with after AOTC to prevent another massacre?

    Or--my theory--could it be possible that Hoole only travelled with a Tusken war party in TISWU, never seeing the settlements in which women live?
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