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    Upcoming Episode II Vehicles?

    Hi guys, just wondering if we are going to see any new vehicles anytime soon, does anyone know what else is scheduled to come out for EPII? thanks in advance
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    Just the Republic Gunship is all I know about.

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    I want an AT-TE and a hailfire droid (the droids with the thin wheels). *Of coruse, I want a ton more vehicles in Action Fleet format, but that's another story.
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    I think we will most likely see all of the major vehicles turned into toys sooner or later. The AT-TE I am expecting to hear aboout maybe for Christmas or early next year. AOTC's is alot more action packed for the adults and the kiddies, so the toys should definatly sell better.

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    I want,

    Hailfire Droid
    Dwarf Spider Droid
    Spider Droid
    Geonosian Fighter
    Count Dooku's Solar Sail Ship
    AT-TE Carrier Ship
    Count Dooku's Geonosian Speeder
    Nute Gunray's Small landing Ship
    Anakin's (Owen's) Swoop Bike
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    I'm still hoping and praying for a Sandcrawler.

    I'd also like Dookus little escort ships that flank him when he's on his speeder. They were very interesting.

    The Naboo Gondola. (One that actually Floats!!!)

    Senate Box/Flying Saucer! (C'mon! Why don't we have this?! It'd be such a great display piece and not at all expensive to produce. . . .)

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    I'd also like Dookus little escort ships that flank him when he's on his speeder. They were very interesting.
    Yeah, those are the Geonosian Fighters.

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    I would love the Smaller Spider Droids from Geonosis. I don't really want the rolling tank droids; they just don't do much for me But I would kill for the spider droids.
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    I have to say, I really like the Jedi Starfighter now that I've seen it in action. Does the toy come with just the ship, or does it come with that ring it detaches from in the movie as well? Sorry, I can't come up with anything more descriptive then "ring" to describe it, but I hope you know what I mean anyway.

    As for more ships, I think I'll be forced to break down and buy a Republic Gunship, those were incredible in the film.

    I would kill for Dooku's ship...even if the basic design makes no sense, it was still just a cool ship to look at.

    Also, at the very end of the film, there's the ships that resemble Star they have a specific name? The ships that are over the clone army at the end, while the "Imperial March" plays. I demand they make these ships as well.

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    No, it doesn't come with the Hyperdrive Ring (I think that's what it's called)

    and there's little chance they'll make it, unless they decide rather than clearancing the ship, they will recall it, and start including the ring later, to sell more......

    and I would definitely buy another Jedi Starfighter, just to get the hyperdrive ring!!!!

    I really want the Republic's cool that they're starting to include VEHICLE ACCESSORIES with figures, starting with Pilot Obiwan (He comes with the Jedi Starfighter radar dish)

    and followed up by the pilot clonetroopers (You need to buy two, because they come with attachable gun pods for the Republic Gunship)
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