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    Geonosian Language... what the björk?!?

    Ok, maybe it's just because the MIB II trailer before Ep 2, but Poggle's "language" sounded really dopey (yes, dopier than Will Smith going "old school" ) and I was wondering A) why Dooku understood it; and B) why it sounded like Poggle was passing gas in several directions at once. Maybe I missed something with the slightly diminished sound at the Chinese, but it totally threw me every time he spoke, I thought it was the kid next to me making "rude" noises.
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    I loved Poggle's voice.

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    Sounds about right, for how a big insectoid like alien would sound. Mandable clicks, hisses, and other assorted sounds. I thought the voices were great, something unique to the usual voices in the Star Wars Universe.

    And who cares how Dooku understood it, obviously he's been working with them for quite sometime, and he may have been assigned to that system, and gotten to know the race and language, while he was still a Jedi.

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    Or he read the subtitles.

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    I noticed that his voice sounded very similar to African tribal language. I'm not trying to incite some race war or even suggest that that's exactly what Mr. Lucas had in mind when he dubbed the voices. I just stay up really late at nite. And what else is there to watch at 4 a.m. except the National Geographic channel?

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    How could Han understand Chewie? "That's one growl for yes, two for no."

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    I don't think that the Geonosians possess tongues, which explains the other syllables. Like a 'T' sound, for instance, would be more emphasized using the throat, rather than slurring it with a 'D' sound.

    It works the opposite way for a Gungan like Jar Jar. His long tongue disallows for a crisp-sounding T, so he slurs with a D, or whatever similar tone he can use.
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    There not real....they are CGI characters, you talk like they are real and have been studied... it is just a movie....a super ***$ kickin' movie.

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    What do you mean NOT REAL!?!?!?! Take it back! Take it back! My mother says that I can't play with you anymore.


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