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    Toonbuck Tora, double cross or coincidence?

    Alright, this guy is clearly visible with Sidious () and Senator Smits at the end of AOTC, but wasn't he supposed to be a separatist too? I believe I caught a glimpse of him on Geonosis, but I need another look.
    Might he be an unloyal member of the loyalist committee?

    I think it would be neat, but if it's more than coincidence wouldn't there be a better shot of him on Geo? Maybe I missed this better shot of him?

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    I thought he was suppose to be a Separatist also, though I don't remember seeing him on Geononsis.

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    I think "he" is a "she".
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    And I think "she's" a . . . big goofy looking alien . . .

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    There was definately a change. To the right of Tikkes there's a wolf-like creature that's never been in pictures, and probably doesn't have a name. It gets a fair amount of screen-time for a Separatist with no lines.

    Funny thing is, Jar Jar was slated to be there at the end with Palpatine and the others. Hmmm...I smell an "Ask the Jedi Council" question soon...
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    Is this the guy you're on about? I thought it was toonbuck hidden in shadows when I first saw this picture but then I tinkered with it a bit and brought out more details. Po Nudo perhaps or is that the little dwarf guy in Palpatine's ofice?

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    Toonbuck Toora is definitely a she, and I don't recall seeing her in the movie anywhere.

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    Tonight I took another look and found my mistake. I did see the guy Emperor Jargo showed us the first time around, but I originally thought I saw Toonbuck in addition to him.
    Nope, there's a partial shot of the new guy that I mistook for Toonbuck.

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    In the select photos they showed a pic of Toonbuck sitting at the round conference table on Geonosis. The guy inside the suit was shown wandering around the Geonosis set in one of the making of documentaries without the head on but wearing Toonbuck's costume. She was supposed to be a seperatist but possibly the shots they chose to use in the final edit just didn't show her. According to the script in the art of AOTC book there's no lines for her. There's no lines for her in the shooting script either. I'm sure if she's anywhere we're bound to find her eventually the more people watch the movie and start looking at the background instead of the foreground action. That's how I spot things in the movies when I'm watching my videos, I just turn the sound down and look behind the main characters.

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    On a recent re-viewing of AOTC I DID see Toonbuck standing on the balcony next to Palpatine on Geonosis at the end of the movie. I guess Lucas decided she wasn't a separatist afterall. Or maybe when Palpatine showed up on Geonosis she just tried to play it off like she had come with him from Coruscant and he just didn't notice.


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