It's Zam Wessel's Speeder versus Anakin Skywalker's in the final Preliminary Round of SSG's Battle of the Machines!

And it starts now!

Zam Wessel's flashy green and yellow speeder holds one action figure in its opening cockpit, and features a detailed interior with adjustable steering controls and foot pedals. But the craft's most ingenious play feature is its crash 'n bash action that lets you smash the front end of the speeder in, with engine panels flying off, simulating a crash just like in the movie! Each side operates independently, so you decide the amount of damage that is done during the dangerous work of that of a bounty hunter! At the press of a button, the vehicle repairs itself!

Anakin Skywalker can't be faulted for picking just as easily an impressive craft. His yellow, open-top sportster features a detailed interior that seats two Jedi on a mission! But Jedi missions are rather dangerous and this craft shows some indication of occupational hazards with its own crash 'n bash feature that lets you crumple in the front end, causing pieces of the bodywork to go flying in two directions! A touch of a button and your air speeder is almost restored "fully new" and you're ready to race and chase through Coruscant's skylanes again!

Which vehicle will win to go on to the Quarterfinal challenges to determine what Star Wars craft will be the Ultimate Best Hasbro Star Wars ship of all time?

You decide now!