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    Is the Pit Droids 2-pack worth the big bucks?

    The Pit Droids look quasi-cool from the pictures I've seen of them, but they were limited so they're a bit expensive. Are the figures themselves cool enough to warrant a purchase, or are they cheaply made crap like a lot of the older SW figs?

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    I thought they were pretty junky. Unless you're a completist, I'd skip them.
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    depends on what you do with them
    if you want to build a junkshop it's cool to have them but not if you just want to display them
    I was lucky and found them in my toysrus here in france for 5 euros (about $4.50) and immediently bought them, could use them in the cantina (not the one from the movie) in the background or something
    they're pretty cool but not worth that much money

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    Might just try trading for them, you're bound to come across a fair offer.
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    i think they're pretty cool, i only paid a couple of bucks for em loose though.
    i'm not fond of paying lots of money for kids toys.
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    They are very cool figures. But not worth the big bucks. I still need to get them too, I'm holding out for a good price.
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    I have them and I never opened them. Thus I say pass unless you must collect them all.
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    I have 'em carded and loose. They are more impressive carded.

    I do agree, unless you are a completist I'd pass.

    Though, if you find 'em cheap snag 'em.
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    Thumbs up

    I just bought my Ep. I Pit Droids on Ebay for $10.49.
    Maybe a little more than I wanted, but I think I was
    lucky to find them at that price.

    Keep your eye open. You will find them.

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    Actually, I could see them eventually coming out with all the Pod Racers, and Pod Craft. People might then want to make lots of diaramas with pit droids. They might become a little more scarce then, but right now you can find them on-line for cheap.


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