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    Question what was the best moment in AOTC?

    the best in my opinoin was ALL of the lightsaber fights at the end. dooku was good, but not good enough. yoda broke him like an old stick! GO YODA!
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    well there are a few, when everyone went crazy for yoda, and another was when obi says ani youll be the death of me, and everyone laughed and my friend was sitting there saying i dont get it (he didnt know anakin was vader )
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    I really cant define just one moment I really like.The Yoda Vs. Dooku was the best,never thought the little hunched over guy
    could do that.Another fav. scene would have to be when Anakin rides the speeder across Tatooine,it was nice to see different parts of Tatooine's landscape.
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    The best moment was either:
    Anakin telling Padmé about killing the Tuskens,
    Jango vs. Obi-Wan on Kamino,
    Yoda vs. Dooku,
    Coruscant Chase,
    or the begining when first the 20th Centry Fox logo appears followed by LucasFilm.Ltd. The comes "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"...need I say any more ?

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    i think the best part (as i've stated in a previous post) is the tusken raider camp sequence, including the cut to yoda and mace windu and the scene with anakin confiding in padme. i still can't get over the yoda/mace with tears in their eyes, talking about great pain and suffering.

    other than that the lightsaber battles are great, and the shots of the (victory class?) star destroyers taking off to invade the galaxy with their clone payloads are chilling. the rise of the empire!
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    I thought the ending sequence with the republic army launching into battle was spectacular!
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    all of it baby! all of it was my favorite part! from start to finish!
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    I liked the Naboo "romp in the field" scene was excellent. I can watch that over and over again!!!!

    NO. . .seriously. . .the jedi duels, the arena, ah. . .the whole frickin movie(with the exception of the "romp scene") was awesome!
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    Dave: I thought the arena was pretty dissapointing. My favourite bit was the piece of dialogue between Yoda and Dooku after they'd been zapping each other, but before the lightsaber duel. Fab.

    Katy: The whole thing was brilliant! Yoda rules! But I loved the whole bit on Kamino. The scenery was amazing, and obi wan is just great

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    Yoda vs Dooku was a given, but the GODS at Skywalker Sound (bow) (bow)(WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!) who created the sound for the Slave One shockwave weapon. PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! It was exactly how I imagined how an explosion would sound in space. Due to that the sound would only resonate through the air molecules of your cockpit.
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