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    Angry Spirit of the Jedi gets no respect!

    This 3 pack it seems got shuned by most, but if you think about it, long after Episode III is over, this will be the last piece anyone needs to complete the last image, the last scene, the last moment in the whole Saga. I think this this cinema scene deserves serious kudos. Whaddya think?

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    I agree. The Jedi Spirits cinema scene is in my vote one of the best, and as you say OriginalBryGuy, it's the scene that ended the whole story. (except the books carried it on).

    I managed to get all the cinema scenes released so far, so maybe that one will eventually have a good sale value to it, when people realise it's status in the film.
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    I think the Jedi Spirits 3-pack is awsome! It's the best Cinema Scene pack by far!
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    It's not the best, but I do like it. KB had them on clearance for years. The best would be Final duel.
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    I love it myself. I liked all of the cinema scenes. The only one I do not have is Death Star Escape.
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    It's ok, however it's Lays Spirit of Obi modified, FB Anakin and I think FB Yoda molds, nothin' really new for the thing itself. It's an interesting display piece but beyond that it's not all that interesing. Final Duel, Death Star Escape, Watto's Box and Mynock Hunt were the best, IMO. (Hehe, one from each film so far that's made it to video)
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    i'm still looking for some of these. the duel and the spirits ranks high up there.
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    I love this Cinema Scene as well. It don't think it gets enough credit. It makes a great display pieces and the detail is pretty good.
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    Well, since I'm a big fan of Jabba's Palace, my favorite Cinema Scene is Rystall, Greeata and Lyn Me.....

    but, some other favorites are: Death Star Escape, Purchase of the Droids, and Cantina Showdown......
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