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    Anyone Collect Store displays / advertising materials?

    I was in walmart the other day and the electronics person knows that I collect starwars, so he gave me the Top part of the Star Wars Saga VHS / DVD display still sealed in the plastic bag. The Sticker on the plastic bag calls it a

    star wars saga 2002 half Cube.

    Basically its the top part of the display with all the pictures on it.

    I dont really collect store display stuff, and I dont really have room for it, anyone interested in a trade ? I just need 2 figures

    Luke Bespin Bloody hand
    Darth Vader

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    My aunt works for Rite Aid and and she gave me the top to the SW Trilogy Special Edition VHS display. It has C-3P0, Darth Vader, and Yoda on it.
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    This one has Darth vaders head in the background and then in the foreground it has Ben (young), han, leia, and luke.

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    My aunt works at the local Wal-Mart and so she's gonna try and get me the store displays and such.

    Don't really collect the stuff, I just figure if I can get my hands on it, why not? It's interesting stuff to have.
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    I don't collect the stuff, but I really wanted the CommTech display from EP1.

    I got three promo posters from TRU for the EP1 blitz. One was a free sticker giveaway, one was for the Racer video game and the third was a giant Naboo fighter giveaway. I think I ended up throwing them away when I moved to Utah because I couldn't find anyone who wanted them.
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    I like to collect those kinda things, but sadly cannot acquire those figures at this time.......sorry.....
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    I collect that type of stuff.The Toy Manager at WM said I can have all the Starwars displays when they throw them away next month.

    One display piece I really want is the AOTC teaser banner.That thing is huge!
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    Since I work at Target, it was pretty easy to get dibs on our displays. They're not too exciting, but I still want em. And my buddy is one of the higher-ups at Wal-Mart. And since he could care less about Star Wars, he's saving their displays for me too. Once again, it's not what you know, it's who you know


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