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    Episode II Avatars.. Lets see'em

    Well after watching EP2, i decided to kill sometime on my friday at work and come up with a ep2 related avatar... so if any of you were bored and/or are bored, come up with some.. lets see them...

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    I have one right now.

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    how do you make them?
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    I gots one


    I didnt make it..just cut it to fit..sorta
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    You must have 75 posts in order to "earn" the right to a custom avatar.

    The easiest way is to get any pics from AOTC that appeal to you, and then save them after using Photoshop (I use Paint Shop Pro 7) to crop the image to 75 by 75 pixels. Then Load that image as your custom avatar.

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    I DO!!!!!!<<<<<<

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    i made mine.

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    i dont post enough to even want an avitar
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    awwww, you gotta have an avatar!

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    I made mine mostly... Originally it was a Stormtrooper helmet but since it's the E2 era I decided to changed it to a Clone Trooper helmet.
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