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    Will The WTC Be Rebuilt???

    I was just thinking about those people who died when the twin towers fell down the other day and I was thinking alot about the building and all, once the remains of the buildings are cleaned up and that do you think that another 2 WTC towers will be built again???

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    I've heard that it will be rebuilt although not necessarily the same kind of structure. When is a different matter entirely, it could be years before they even clear all the rubble. I'm positive that a memorial of some kind will be built on that site.
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    I was watching MSNBC and they were talking to a couple of the rescue workers. What he said really struck home with me. In his thick New York accent he basically asked Bush and the others in charge to NOT build a memorial on the site. He said we already had memorials in Oklahoma and D.C. He said to rebuild the towers bigger and better than ever. Build three towers if they had to, but to rebuild. "We're New Yorkers. We need this. We need these buildings." It was just the sort of attitude one expects from a New Yorker. A defiant patriotism and pride in his hometown. It made me proud( and I'm from the midwest) and I couldn't agree with him more. Build them back up even better than before.
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    I agree with the rescue workers. Put those building up and put them up in the name of freedom and the free world. If any sort of memorial is placed there... it should be simple, like a mosaic and a plaque on the grounds below, something used as a symbol to honour those who died because of their freedom and FOR freedom & humanity.
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    I'm thinking they might rebuild the towers with a memorial between the two main towers.
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    Thumbs up Build it

    I think after all the rubble is cleaned and after they found the terrorists. They should rebuild the twin towers, it will take years to be done, but the spirit would be there, in memory of the innocents that died in that tragic day.
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    Excellent idea! The best way to say "Up yours!" to these terrorists is to rebuild the towers bigger and better than before!
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    I think it should be.
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    I found this article on the subject after posting my earlier speculation:
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    it will be difficult to build on the exact site but i think that as it is now a grave of the most enormous scale, there would be few who would wish to desecrate this ground. I agree that a twin building towering up like two fingers in a victory salute would be most fitting, A site of memorial should also be included in these plans. A giant fountain such as that of geneva, a symbol of peace for many years would be a fitting tribute. water symbolises life and a fountain is always alive, always flowing upwards and onwards. It is a potent image of strength, beauty and serenity.
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