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    Question Jedi starfighter confusion or cut scenes?

    I was wondering if anyone knows why the Hasbro toy Jedi fighter has removable wings with missles and guns when no weapons were ever fired from the ship in the film? Not only that, the wings never detached. Is this some kind of creative thinking or were these scenes supposed to be filmed?
    Anyone know?
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    I think they're based on early concepts.......

    why didn't it come with the hyperdrive ring?, same reason.....added later.....
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    I think its just a Hasbro add-on to make the ship seem worth $20.

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    I think it didn't come with the hyperdrive wing because it was too big of addition for a $20 ship.

    As for the guns and detaching wings, it's just like action-posed Jar-Jar, Boba w/ Jango pack and blasters, etc. It's just a gimmick to market it to kids.
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    The original concept:

    Gunships rescue, then begin their route through Geonosis. Droid Starfighters attack the Gunships, but the Gunships are too low to the ground for a successful attack. Jedi Starfighters rush in and take care of that threat.

    None of that made it into the finished product.
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