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    Are the new Episode 2 12 inch figures worth anything?

    Do the new Episode 2 12 inch figures have any value?

    At ebay, I saw several listings for the Obi Wan Kenobi figures at $20 and up and nobody was placing a bid.

    I checked my local Toys R Us and they only have Mace Windu.

    Where can I find the 12 inch figures at a cheap price and in C10 condition?

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    Well, wait a month or two, and you'll find plenty of them on clearance.
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    The shelves at Target are literally overflowing with the 12" figures. None of them are rare, and none of them ever will be. Other than Anakin, I've a feeling the other two will be hanging around for a LONG time at 20 bucks. Pick up Ani if you want him, and wait for the others to hit $10. Make no mistake--they will.


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