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    Unhappy Finally got my Primal Scream Mace Windu. Wow, does he suck...

    Finally found some Geonosian Rescue Mace Windus today. Despite my initial excitement, after getting this guy out of the package I'm forced to admit that I'm *greatly* disappointed.

    First, the head. Someone told me that it corresponds to the Arena Battle scene. Well, I don't remember Mace ever closing his eyes and screaming in the movie. It either wasn't there or it was so short I missed it. The head doesn't look good at all on display. There's NO reason for Mace to be the only figure with bizarre facial expressions.

    His stance is horrible. He won't stand up no matter how hard I try.

    The magnet in the lightsaber is way too weak. He throws the lightsaber away every time I push the button. The "action" arm is articulated at the elbow, but I have no idea why. It just makes Mace look silly, and it adds nothing because there's really no way to pose it because the joint is so loose.

    Articulation is poor. Hand articulation woulda been a HUGE help, since then he could actually point the lightsaber in different directions or hold it with both hands.

    The biggest problem with this figure is his non-"action" arm. It permanently molded in one position, and has no articulation at the elbow. Since Mace can't hold the lightsaber with both arms, it looks like he permanently has a stomach ache and has to put his arm on his tummy. This makes it impossible to find a cool pose for Mace.

    On the up-side, Mace's lightsaber is damn cool. On the down-side--that's all that's cool about this figure. Unlike some of the other figures like Kit Fisto, Mace isn't a one-pose wonder--he's a NO-pose loser.

    Thumbs down, Hasbro. Easily the worst Episode I figure I've bought. 3/10.

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    What I did was to take a clear Hasbro rubber band, and wrap it around his wrist.....then loop it down under his elbow, so it looks like he's swinging his saber.......

    then pose him whichever way you like.....there's not much you can do with this figure, but once you find a way to keep his floppy elbow in place, you'll find that some dynamic action poses are possible.....
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    I wasn't too crazy about this one either. I didn't buy him and so far, I am keeping to my word as not to buy everything just what I like.
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    It's a total piece of crap from what I've seen. I've seen him out of the box. If I got him... it would be for the sole purpose of getting the lightsabre and giving it to "mail-away" Mace.
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    Well, I prefer to call him "Big O" Mace WIndu. However, it's not great......but not as horrible as I had heard.
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    I bought it because Mace is my favorite other reason.....

    I have every other Mace figure (Except the Deluxes, and the 12" ones).......

    this one is definitely the bottom of the list.....

    Mailaway Mace is the best.....
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    They managed to mess up the coolest dude in the galaxy. Taichi is right...Mailaway mace was the best so far. How about Mace with the articulation of Saesee Tinn or Sam Wessel. And enough with these cheesy buttons that take away from the cool poses.

    Here is a cool tip for Screaming Mace: an Homage to Li from Crouching Tiger. I have mace's "action arm"pinned begind his back so he holds the lightsaber behind his back straight up. It looks like Li...or Lo (Chow Yun Fat) from CTHD when he is fighting in the trees. You know Sam L Jackson loves the hong kong movies and CTHD is a homage to that genre. That is what this figure is stuck with
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    You could always swap heads with a G.I. Joe figure that's in a wetsuit. Add some sculpy hair and a beard, and you have "Deep Blue Sea" Shark Attack Samuel L. Jackson.

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    He looks like he's taking a healthy crap. On the note of him not holding the ligtsaber when you push the button the Darth Vader is the same way. Al least Darth Vader is a more accurate sculpt however
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    I bought this figure, took his lightsaber, and gave it to the Mace Windu from TPM. Even though he is not "action posed" he is still light years better than "Take a crap" Mace..


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